Exetel NBN Review: Worth Your Money?

Exetel NBN Reviews

When shopping for broadband services, Australians often consider Exetel among their options, thanks to its competitive pricing and variety of plans.

Known as a low-cost internet service provider, Exetel offers a range of broadband options, including NBN and wireless broadband services.

The value proposition of Exetel’s offers lies in their appeal to budget-conscious consumers looking for reliable internet without the frills of more expensive packages.

Exetel Reviews

Reviews and customer experiences are essential for gauging the quality of any service. For Exetel, customer reviews offer a mixed view, reflecting on everything from internet speeds to customer service.

On websites like ProductReview.com.au, Exetel Broadband receives varied feedback, with some customers praising the adequate speeds and others pointing out issues with customer service.

Credible review platforms and customer testimonials serve as vital resources for those considering Exetel as their internet provider.

Potential customers need to look at an average of reviews, such as those found on Trustpilot or tech-focused guides, to get a comprehensive understanding of Exetel’s service and performance.

By examining these diverse sources, you can make an informed decision about whether Exetel’s service offerings align with their needs and expectations.

I will note though, that you do often get more outrage on these review platforms, as many customers often post when issues arise with their service.

With that said, let’s get into this Extel NBN Review.

Exetel Broadband Overview

Exetel Broadband emerges in discussions of cost-efficient internet service providers in Australia, striking a chord for its balance between price and performance. In the following section, readers will find structured details on the company’s background and its array of broadband plans and pricing.

Company Background

Exetel is an Australian Internet Service Provider that has developed a reputation for offering NBN plans alongside various telecommunications services.

It distinguishes itself with a focus on straightforward, no-frills services aimed at providing adequate connectivity options for both residential and commercial customers.

Broadband Plans and Pricing

Exetel’s broadband offerings are structured into various plans, designed to cater to a wide range of needs and budgets.

They offer NBN plans with different speed tiers, starting from basic NBN 12/1 speeds suitable for light users, progressing up to higher-tier plans such as NBN 100/40 for demanding users seeking fast speeds for streaming or gaming.

Their pricing is competitive, with an emphasis on value for money.

  • NBN 12/1: Suitable for basic usage such as browsing and email
  • NBN 50/20: A midpoint option for households with moderate internet needs
  • NBN 100/40: High-speed plan ideal for heavy usage like HD video streaming and online gaming

You should note that the Exetel NBN reviews hint at a mixture of customer experiences regarding service reliability and customer support.

They also offer 220Mbps Evening Speed for around $99 during off-promo prices.

Customer Experiences

Customer experiences with Exetel range from service reliability to interactions with their customer service, and the efficiency of the installation process for their broadband and NBN services.

Service Reliability

Many users have reported adequate speeds with Exetel’s broadband service, suggesting a baseline reliability in connection.

Discussions in reviews often point towards a decent performance for both general browsing and streaming, although experiences can vary based on location and plan.

Customer Service

Customer feedback highlights a mixture of experiences with Exetel’s customer service. While some customers feel satisfied, others have expressed concerns over service responsiveness.

In Exetel NBN reviews, several users mention challenges related to transparency and communication during service interactions.

Installation Process

The installation process for Exetel’s services, especially regarding their NBN plans, seems to be a point of contention.

Insights gleaned from reviews indicate that while some customers experience a smooth installation, others face delays. Some users commend the ease of getting set up, yet there are also reports of scheduling hiccups impacting the timeline.

Technical Performance

In examining the technical performance of Exetel Broadband, the spotlight falls squarely on its speed and network coverage capabilities.

These factors are often at the core of customer satisfaction and can make or break the user experience.

Exetel NBN Review – Speed and Connectivity

When it comes to speed, Exetel has been recognized for delivering robust performance, especially during peak hours. According to the ACCC broadband performance report for December 2023, Exetel ranked third for download speeds during busy hours (7pm-11pm).

The service provider hit 100.9% of maximum plan speeds, which is a clear indicator of the company’s ability to maintain speed consistency when it is most needed by users.

Connectivity is another critical aspect, with Exetel’s outages and downtime comparatively minimal, ensuring users have a reliable internet connection.

Reviews point out that while there are occasional dips, the overall uptime signifies that Exetel Broadband maintains a sound network infrastructure that supports its user base effectively.

Network Coverage

Exetel’s network coverage is far-reaching, leveraging the broad Australian NBN infrastructure to connect users across the country.

The extent of this coverage allows Exetel to offer a range of plans and options tailored to different regions, with a focus on maximizing the existing telecommunications framework.

Exetel Broadband operates on the NBN, which means that the availability and quality of the network can greatly depend on the specific NBN technology rolled out in each area.

There are variances in user experiences reflecting this diversity of infrastructure; however, the company has been steadily working on expanding and enhancing its coverage to meet customer expectations.

Comparisons and Alternatives

When considering Exetel Broadband, customers often weigh their options, comparing Exetel’s services with those of other providers. This section delves into how Exetel stacks up against its competitors.

Competitor Analysis – Exetel NBN Review

Exetel provides a variety of broadband and NBN plans, noted for being affordable. However, the market has numerous other options, and users tend to look for comparisons based on price, speed, and customer service.

According to Exetel Broadband reviews, they have received mixed feedback regarding customer support and service transparency.

  • Price: Exetel’s pricing is competitive, often on the lower end compared to major providers.
  • Speeds: While some users report satisfactory speeds, there are comments indicating occasional speed issues.
  • Customer Service: The reviews suggest that there could be improvements, with customers highlighting transparency and responsiveness as areas for development.

Exetel vs. Other Providers

When measuring Exetel against its competitors:

  • Affordability: Exetel is often recognized for its cost-effective solutions, especially for budget-conscious consumers.
  • Network Performance: Some Exetel NBN reviews suggest that Exetel’s NBN service delivers the necessary performance, though this may vary based on location and plan.
  • Customer Feedback: Reviews reflect a spectrum of experiences, with some users content with their service while others have faced challenges.

Compared to heavyweight providers, Exetel might not boast the same level of brand recognition but can be a strong alternative for those prioritizing straightforward, economical internet solutions.


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