How To Use Snap Send Solve for Quick Reports on Damaged NBN & Telstra Gear

SnapSendSolve Telstra NBN Repair

When you find damaged telecommunications equipment, report it promptly to ensure safety and restore services quickly. How? Let’s discuss it!

Snap Send Solve is a convenient app designed to ease the process of reporting such issues to the right authorities, including National Broadband Network (NBN) and Telstra infrastructures. The app’s straightforward UI allows individuals to snap a photo of the problem.

This provides quick context and location details to facilitate a rapid response from the relevant organization.

Snap Send Solve

Recognizing damaged NBN and Telstra equipment might not always be clear-cut, but indicators could include visible wear and tear on cabinets or wires, exposed cables, or damaged manhole covers.

Reporting these instances not only contributes to community safety but also aids in maintaining the integrity of the network services.

With Snap Send Solve, users can effortlessly communicate these incidents to the correct parties without the hassle of lengthy forms or customer service calls.

As telecommunications infrastructure is critical for day-to-day activities, the community’s role in safeguarding this network is pivotal.

Snap Send Solve bolsters this community effort by streamlining the reportage of damage directly to the companies that manage these networks, like Telstra and NBN.

This fosters quicker repair times and ensures the robustness of the telecommunications system.

Getting Started with Snap Send Solve

Snap Send Solve

If someone needs to report local issues, such as damaged NBN & Telstra equipment, they can quickly do so using the Snap Send Solve app. It’s designed to be quick and user-friendly, with a focus on geo-location and photo features for accurate reporting.

Understanding the App Interface

Once you open the Snap Send Solve app on your phone, you’ll see a simple and intuitive interface. The main button, ‘Snap’, allows for taking a photo of the issue.

After you capture the photo, the app uses geo-location to pinpoint the exact location of the problem. This makes the process of sending the report efficient.

Creating Your Account

Creating an account on Snap Send Solve is straightforward. You simply tap on the ‘Sign Up’ button and provide your details.

Make sure that the information is accurate to help solve the issues you report effectively. Once you set up your account, you can start snapping and sending your concerns to the relevant authorities with just a few taps.

Reporting Damaged Telstra and NBN Equipment

The Snap Send Solve platform simplifies the process of notifying the right teams to address Telstra and NBN equipment hazards and damages.

Time is of the essence to mitigate risks and ensure public safety.

Identifying and Snapping Telstra Equipment

When Telstra equipment like pillars, overhead wires, or cabinets appears damaged, it’s critical to document the issue promptly.

You can take a photo of the hazard and use the Snap Send Solve app to report the problem. The app includes a ‘Pit and Equipment’ incident type, where you can log specific details about the Telstra fixtures for further investigation.

Capturing and Sending NBN Equipment Damage

Similarly, NBN equipment damage, such as issues with manholes or cables, should be captured using a clear photograph.

Upon noticing a hazard, quickly send a detailed report using the Snap Send Solve platform, under the “Pit and Equipment” category.

This submission initiates a response from solvers to address the fault, aiming to prevent service disruptions and potential dangers to public safety.

Ensuring Effective Hazard Reporting

For a report to translate into a swift resolution, clarity and detail are vital. Highlighting the hazard’s severity is crucial.

This helps prioritize the response, especially if it includes exposed electrical equipment or poses a serious injury risk.

A satisfactory solution often depends on the initial report’s quality. The platform also encourages users to update the history section with any changes observed post-reportage.

For example, after a storm or power outage, to nudge an effective and prompt resolution.



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