Telstra Boosts Efficiency with AI Tools for Frontline Teams

Telstra AI

Telstra, a prominent player in the telecom industry, is leading the charge in customer support innovation with its cutting-edge AI solutions.

Explore how Telstra’s proprietary tools, One Sentence Summary and Ask Telstra, are reshaping customer interactions and boosting operational efficiency.

Enhancing Customer Support with GenAI

Telstra has seamlessly integrated two groundbreaking AI solutions, One Sentence Summary and Ask Telstra, into its operational framework.

Powered by Microsoft Cloud and Azure OpenAI, these sophisticated tools simplify processes and deliver outstanding results for Telstra’s frontline teams.

Simplifying Insights with One Sentence Summary

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One Sentence Summary is a game-changer in customer support analytics. Leveraging Azure OpenAI’s advanced language model, it distills intricate customer interactions, notes, and transactions into concise summaries.

This empowers frontline teams to swiftly grasp customer histories and statuses, facilitating more informed and efficient responses whilst reducing wait times. This is such a great tool to increase productivity and eliminate customer painpoints.

Enabling Rapid Knowledge Access with Ask Telstra

Ask Telstra acts as a comprehensive knowledge hub, offering instantaneous access to Telstra’s extensive internal databases.

Built on Microsoft Azure AI Search, this tool delivers AI-generated responses to employee inquiries, drastically reducing the time needed to gather information and support customers effectively.

Success Stories from the Field

In News that has delighted stakeholders, Telstra’s unwavering commitment to excellence is evident in the success stories stemming from the trials of One Sentence Summary and Ask Telstra.

Feedback from frontline team members underscores the tangible benefits of these AI solutions, including substantial time savings and enriched customer interactions.

Scaling Up and Collaboration

Buoyed by the positive outcomes of the trials, Telstra is gearing up to expand the deployment of One Sentence Summary and Ask Telstra across its contact center and store teams by 2024.

This strategic move reflects Telstra’s steadfast dedication to empowering every team member with the requisite tools to deliver exceptional customer support.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What are One Sentence Summary and Ask Telstra?

These are proprietary AI solutions developed by Telstra to streamline customer support operations and facilitate access to internal knowledge resources.

Q2: What are the key benefits of these AI tools?

They enhance operational efficiency, improve customer interactions, and provide frontline teams with rapid access to relevant information.

Q3: How is Telstra collaborating with partners to drive innovation?

Telstra collaborates with industry leaders such as Microsoft and Accenture to leverage advanced technologies and ensure continuous innovation in customer support delivery.


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