Will Meta Block News on Facebook in Australia? A Comparison with Canada

Meta News Ban

Meta Platforms, Inc., the parent company of Facebook, has recently announced it may block news content on its platform in Australia.

This move is reminiscent of a similar strategy deployed in Canada last year.

Furthermore, it comes amid ongoing tensions between big tech companies and media organizations worldwide, highlighting the escalating battle over digital news regulation and compensation.

The Australian Context

The backdrop to this announcement allegedly involves the Australian government’s ongoing efforts to regulate digital platforms and ensure they pay for news content.

In 2021, Australia introduced the News Media Bargaining Code, which mandates that tech giants like Meta and Google negotiate fair payment terms with local news publishers for the content shared on their platforms.

The code aims to level the playing field and provide much-needed revenue streams to struggling news organizations.

Initially, in response, Meta allegedly blocked news content on Facebook in Australia in early 2021. However, the company later reached agreements with major Australian news organizations.

Now, the recent threats suggest a renewal of hostilities, potentially leading to another standoff.

Comparison to Canada

Meta’s recent history in Canada provides a blueprint for what might happen in Australia. In 2023, in response to similar legislative efforts under the Online News Act, Meta decided to block news content from its Canadian users.

This bold move sparked significant backlash from the Canadian government, media companies, and the public.

The blocking of news in Canada had several immediate impacts:

  1. Information Vacuum: Users found it challenging to access reliable news sources on the platform, leading to concerns about misinformation and reduced public access to critical information.
  2. Media Revenue: Media organizations, already reeling from financial difficulties, faced further revenue losses as their content could no longer reach a broad audience via Facebook.
  3. Public Outcry: The public and government criticized Meta’s heavy-handed approach, arguing it undermined the free flow of information and democratic discourse.

Australia might face similar consequences if Meta proceeds with its threat.

The potential fallout includes an information void on Facebook, further financial strain on media companies, and public and governmental disapproval.

The fallout from the Canada ban, has seen many claim they are facing censorship on what they can see, as well as media companies going bust.

Job Cutbacks in Media Companies

The struggle between tech giants and media companies is exacerbated by widespread job cuts in the media sector.

Across the globe, traditional news organizations are grappling with declining revenues and shifting advertising dollars to digital platforms like Facebook and Google.

In Australia, several prominent media companies have already downsized significantly:

  1. News Corp Australia: Announced significant job cuts as part of organisational restructure.
  2. Nine Entertainment Co.: Implemented numerous rounds of layoffs, affecting hundreds of journalists and media workers.
  3. Channel 7: Has also reduced a significant amount of jobs in recent months.

These job cutbacks are not isolated to Australia.

In Canada, media companies like Bell Media and Postmedia have also slashed jobs, further highlighting the precarious state of the industry.

The job cuts are allegedly of dwindling ad revenues, which have increasingly shifted to tech platforms that distribute content without adequately compensating the original creators.

Looking Ahead

As Meta threatens to block news content in Australia, the situation remains fluid and uncertain.

The potential impacts could mirror those seen in Canada, including an information vacuum, further financial strain on media companies, and public outcry.

The broader issue of job cuts in media companies underscores the need for sustainable business models that support quality journalism.


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