How To Unlock Your Telstra Phone

Unlock Your Telstra Device

Unlocking your Telstra device isn’t just a technical step; it’s like getting a key to a wider world of telecom choices. Imagine being able to hop from one network to another, chasing the best deals or getting just the right service package that fits your lifestyle.

This guide is your personal companion, leading you step by step on how to unlock your Telstra phone at no cost.

Why Opt for Phone Unlocking?

Unlock Your Telstra Device
  • Empowerment to Make Choices: Unlocking your phone empowers you to transition to a different service provider and select a plan that perfectly aligns with your requirements.
  • Access to Enhanced Deals: By unlocking your phone, you gain access to competitive promotions and special discounts offered by various telecommunications companies.
  • Enhanced Versatility: With an unlocked phone, seamlessly switch between SIM cards when traveling abroad or when seeking improved coverage.

Procedures for Unlocking Your Telstra Device

Step 1: Identify Your IMEI Number

Prior to initiating the unlocking process for your mobile device, it is imperative to locate its unique International Mobile Station Equipment Identity (IMEI) number. This can be achieved by either dialing *#06# on your device or consulting the original packaging.

Step 2: Establish Contact with Telstra

Once you have obtained your IMEI number, establish direct communication with Telstra to commence the unlocking procedure. This can be accomplished by utilizing the My Telstra application or by contacting Telstra’s customer service department.

Call 13 22 00 and say, ‘unlock device option’ when prompted, to get through to the unlocking team. You can call Monday to Friday 9am – 8pm AEST.

Step 3: Adhere to the Provided Guidelines

A Telstra representative will meticulously guide you through the unlocking procedure and elucidate any pertinent fees associated with the process.

If you have had the device for less than 2 years, Telstra charges $80 for devices never activated or less than 6 months old, they charge $25 for phones that are 6 -24 months old.

And that’s it! your device will now be unlocked and you are free to go to another provider.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes and as stated above, you will pay a fee if you have owned the phone for less than 2 years.

Yes you can unlock your phone by yourself, however you will need the code provided from Telstra to do so.

You will need to get this off Telstra.

If you have owned the phone for more than 2 years, it will be free.


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