The $10 Amaysim Number Hack: How I Saved My Old Phone Number Without Breaking the Bank


We all have them – those old phone numbers we cling to for sentimental reasons or the occasional two-factor authentication text.

But paying full price for a plan you barely use just for that number feels wasteful, right? That’s where my little $10 secret comes in: Amaysim.

Quick Facts on Amaysim

Before diving into the trick, let’s get familiar with Amaysim. They’re what’s called an MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator).

This means they don’t own their own network infrastructure. They’re known for super affordable plans, with a focus on simplicity and flexibility.

What Network Does Amaysim Use?

Amaysim is an MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) and utilizes the Optus 4G and 5G networks to provide its services. This means you get the reliability of the wider Optus network with Amaysim’s often budget-friendly prices.

It’s important to note, that for this Amaysim plan, it only uses the Optus 4G network.

My $10 Number Solution

Let me back up. I recently needed to ditch my primary mobile provider. They were getting pricey, and I was paying $60 a month or $720 a year on this service that I don’t use.

But I had this quality phone number that ended in 7777, and one I give out to doctors offices, and the one still linked to some random online accounts. I couldn’t let it disappear as I feared losing all of that, not to mention 2FA.

Then, a friend mentioned Amaysim’s insanely cheap long-expiry plans. A bit of digging on their website, and I had my solution. Here’s the breakdown:

  • The Magic Plan: Amaysim offers a $10 annual plan1, also known as their 365-day plan. Yes, for a whole year! It includes minimal talk and text and no data, but that’s not why I chose it.
  • Porting Power: The key is you can port your existing number over to this plan. That means your old number becomes active on their super cheap service.
  • The Tiny Catch: You do need to add a tiny bit of credit every year ($10 is enough) to keep the plan active. Think of it as the world’s cheapest parking fee for your number.

The How-To: Making the Switch

I’m no stranger to switching mobile providers, I do it quite often to do these reviews. At Tech X Telco, we’ve put together this simple guide which can help you switch your mobile provider.

Now, let’s discuss the port process for Amaysim, The process was surprisingly smooth at first:

  1. Buy the SIM: Grabbed a new Amaysim SIM at my local 7/11. You can also order this online via the Amaysim website.
  2. Initiate the Port: During signup, I indicated I wanted to port my existing number. They provide clear instructions and handle it with your old provider.
  3. Wait and Activate: It took 4 hours. My old service went dead, then voila! The Amaysim SIM came alive with my trusty old number.

That part was easy, but then I got a message saying my service was restricted and that I had to verify my ID. I then proceeded by sending my ID to Amaysim who then activated my service.

Amaysim eSIM Process

The great part about this too, is that Amysim offers eSIMs for their customers.

I have a iPhone 15 Pro Max, so it’s dual sim compatible, I set my old number up on the eSIM and boom, I now have my old number on my phone to get those 2FA texts and calls from the doctor’s etc.

Why This Is A Great Choice

  • Cost Savings: I went from paying over $60 a month to just $10 annually for that number. That’s money back in my pocket!
  • No More Surprise Bills: With prepaid, there’s no risk of accidental overages or the plan suddenly being discontinued.
  • Peace of Mind: I can still get those essential SMS codes and the occasional call if someone digs up my old number.

To go with this, the Amaysim app is super easy to use, and to monitor your plan amongst other things.

Is This Plan For Everyone

Honestly, no. If you need a plan with lots of data and calls, this isn’t it. This plan includes pay as you go rates and no data. I actually lost 0.48c in credit when I called the voicemail…

But for these situations, it’s brilliant:

  • Backup Numbers: Keep that old number active for emergencies or the occasional necessity.
  • Business/Side Hustle: Need a separate number but with minimal usage? This is ideal.


If you’re holding onto a phone number you rarely use, Amaysim’s $10 plan could be your new best friend. It’s the ultimate solution for keeping your number alive on the cheap.

Now, if only the rest of my bills were this easy to shrink!

  1. Amaysim Annual Plan ↩︎


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