Telstra NBN Review 2024: The Verdict on Plans, Speeds, and Reliability!

Telstra NBN Review

I know the feeling – trying to pick an NBN provider in Australia is enough to give anyone a headache! You see Telstra’s name everywhere, and those bundled deals can seem awfully tempting.

But before you jump in, the big question is: Are they really giving you the best bang for your buck in 2024?

Let’s dive in! In this Telstra NBN Review, I’ll break down everything you need to know about Telstra’s NBN – their plans, their speeds, the good, the bad, and the sometimes confusing – to help you decide if they’re the right fit for you.

Plan Breakdown: Finding the Right Fit

Telstra offers a range of NBN plans, catering to various usage needs and budgets. Here’s a snapshot of their typical structure:

Speed Tiers: Telstra aligns with the common NBN speed tiers:

  • Basic (NBN 25): Suitable for a few devices and moderate streaming.
  • Standard Plus (NBN 50): A popular choice balancing speed and affordability.
  • Premium (NBN 100): Ideal for large households, heavy downloaders, or tech enthusiasts.
  • Superfast (NBN 250) & Ultrafast (NBN 1000): Limited availability, aimed at power users needing maximum speeds.

Price vs. Speed: As expected, Telstra’s pricing generally increases with faster speed tiers. However, keep an eye out for promotional discounts, frequently offered to new customers. They typically offer a discount for 6 months etc.

Telstra are on the more expensive side of things, however do offer more value than most providers. Here are a few plans for you to consider price:

The Speed Factor: What Can You Realistically Expect?

It’s important to remember that advertised NBN speeds are “up to” speeds, not guaranteed. Telstra, like all providers, is subject to the limitations of the NBN network itself and factors like peak hour congestion in your area.

That said, Telstra do deliver on typical evening speeds for the large majority, in the rare case that they can’t give you those speeds, they do contact you advising your max speeds based on your line.

They can the offer you to downgrade plan or exit the plan with no additional costs outside of what you have used and if you return the modem.

My experience with Telstra was great, I had a FTTP connection and my speeds were incredible. I had no lag when gaming or streaming which was perfect!

Download speeds were also up to par, and general browsing on my iPad and iPhone had no lag when using my social media apps.

Overall, I was really impressed with the speed provided and the full control I had to monitor speeds using the app.

Reliability: Where Telstra Shines and Where It Falters

    Telstra often boasts about its network reliability. While they generally have a solid reputation, it’s not perfect. Factors impacting your NBN reliability on their network include:

    • Location: Network performance varies between regions. Checking reviews and experiences specific to your suburb is a wise move.
    • Connection Type: Older copper connections (FTTN, FTTB, etc.) are inherently less reliable and slower than direct fiber (FTTP).
    • Peak Times: Evenings can see slowdowns as everyone gets online.

    Now as mentioned above, lots of things can impact your connection, I had no issues, but a great feature of Telstra, is the Telstra Smart Modem.

    The Telstra Smart Modem provides you with a mobile backup, if your Internet connection is lost. An incredible feature that did change the game, with more service providers following suit.

    Telstra NBN Review – Telstra Customer Service

    Telstra’s customer service is a frequent topic in online discussions. Experiences vary greatly, with some customers praising their helpfulness and others criticizing long wait times or difficulties getting issues resolved.

    Tips for getting the best support from Telstra:

    • Be patient: Especially during peak hours, expect a wait to connect with agents.
    • Document everything: Note the times of calls, the names of who you speak with, and the promised actions.
    • Escalate if needed: Don’t hesitate to ask to speak to a supervisor if you’re getting nowhere with a frontline rep.

    If we analyse the Product Review & TrustPilot scores, it doesn’t paint a pretty picture, however it’s also important to remember, that as the Australia’s most popular provider, they do get more criticism than anyone else.

    My biggest frustration with Telstra customer service, was actually getting through to a person, I was sent in a loop multiple times by the chat function and over the phone.

    This is 100% a growth area for Telstra in the coming years, as they continue to improve the customer experience.

    Is Telstra NBN Worth It in 2024?

    To conclude my Telstra NBN Review, let’s decide if Telstra is worth it. The answer depends on your priorities and alternatives available in your area:

    • Pros: Name recognition, reliable network (generally), bundling options for those who want it, as well as Telstra Plus.
    • Cons: Often priced higher than smaller providers, mixed customer service, speed tiers aren’t unique.

    In my opinion, I would go for Telstra if I want the Smart Modem backup and Rewards program. If it’s purely based on price and speed, other providers can offer the same if not better for a lower price.

    So with that said, Telstra NBN in 2024 is a solid, if somewhat pricey, option. Whether it’s the best choice for you hinges heavily on the other providers in your location and whether their bundled offerings genuinely give you additional value.


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