How to Change Your Optus Wi-Fi Password in 2024

Optus Wi-Fi

Securing your home Wi-Fi network is essential to protect your personal information and prevent unauthorized access to your internet connection.

One effective way to enhance your Wi-Fi security is by regularly changing the Wi-Fi password on your Optus modem.

Whether you’re concerned about digital threats or simply want to manage who has access to your network, updating your Wi-Fi password is a straightforward process.

In 2024, the steps to change your Optus Wi-Fi password remain user-friendly and can be completed with minimal technical know-how.

You’ll need to access your router’s settings through a web browser, a task that can be done from any device connected to your network.

Once you’re logged in with your current credentials, you can navigate to the wireless setup menu to create a new password.

It’s important to choose a strong and unique password to increase your network’s defense against potential cyber-attacks.

Join us in this guide on how to change your Optus WI-FI password and discover just how simple the steps are.

Preparing to Change Your Optus Wi-Fi Password

Before you embark on the password change process, ensure you have the correct router model on hand and access to all necessary login details.

This will facilitate a smoother and more efficient update to your Wi-Fi security.

Verify Your Optus Router Model

Identify your specific Optus router model, as the process may vary slightly depending on the device. This information is usually found on a label affixed to the back or bottom of the router. Your model number might look something like Sagemcom F@ST 5366 TN or Optus Ultra WiFi Modem.

Gather Necessary Information

Collect the following details to access your Optus Wi-Fi settings:

  • Default gateway IP: This is typically for Optus modems, as stated via Optus.
  • Admin username: This is often ‘admin’ for Optus routers.
  • Admin password: Initially set as ‘password’, unless you have changed it previously.

To streamline the password change process, keep this information accessible as you proceed.

Changing Your Optus Wi-Fi Password

To enhance your network security, it’s essential to periodically change your Wi-Fi password. This straightforward process will bolster your network against unauthorized access.

Accessing the Optus Router Interface

First, ensure your device is connected to the Optus network. Open your web browser and navigate to the router’s IP address, typically

Enter your default login credentials; the username is usually “admin” and the password is often “password,” unless you’ve changed them previously.

Once logged in, look for the Wi-Fi or Wireless setup section in the router’s menu. Here, you will find the settings related to your wireless network.

You might need to consult your router’s documentation if the menu is not immediately clear.

Setting a New Wi-Fi Password

In the Wi-Fi settings area, there should be an option for Security or WLAN Basic Settings. Locate the Wi-Fi password or WPA Pre-shared Key field.

Create a strong, unique password that includes a mix of letters, numbers, and special characters. Avoid using personal information or common words.

Applying and Testing New Settings

After you enter your new password, save your changes. It’s essential to verify the new settings by disconnecting and then reconnecting to your Wi-Fi network with the new password.

Ensure that your connection is successful and the password works as intended.


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