5 Things You Can Do To Have A Positive Experience In A Telco Store

Telco Stores

As a customer walking into a Telco store, my expectations are clear: I want a hassle-free, efficient, and satisfying shopping experience. From the moment I step through the door, I’m looking for a welcoming environment where I feel my needs are not just understood but anticipated.

I don’t want to be ignored and I at least want an acknowledgment from the staff, just so I know I’ve been seen. Too many times have I seen it go wrong at telco retail stores due to miscommunication.

Telco Store

The funny thing is, I’d say over 95% of poor interactions can be fixed just by improving communication and understanding the environment you’re walking into.

In this TechXTelco exclusive, we’ll touch base on 5 Things You Can Do To Have A Positive Experience In A Telco Store.

This advice is pretty universal across Telstra, Optus & Vodafone however each telco has their own policies you need to be aware of.

Following these steps will improve your customer experience in-store. Remember, that if your needs aren’t met, you can always request a different staff member or visit a different store.

Preparing For Your Visit To A Telco Store

Before you go into a store, you should always conduct research for what you’re after online. The stores all have websites with the offers at that time.

The retail staff are experts and should be able to recommend good solutions based on your needs, having an understanding of that helps the interaction.

5 Steps You Can Do!

  1. Bring Your ID – You need this to be verified.
  2. Bring Your Phone – You may need a 2FA code to further verify yourself.
  3. Clearly state what you need – If you need a new phone, be specific around what you want.
  4. Talk to the staff in a nice manner – Remember to treat people how you want to be treated.
  5. Don’t be afraid to ask for someone else – If the person serving you isn’t doing the best of jobs, ask for someone else.

What If You Have A Bad Experience?

All telco stores have a complaint process, you can visit each of the telco stores to complain via a form or online chat. For example, Telstra has an online complaints hub.

If you’ve completed a transaction in-store, you should also get a survey by email. You can leave feedback in that survey to indicate your experience.


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