How To Use Samsung UNiDAYS to get 20% off Samsung Products

Samsung UNiDAYS

Alright students, are you looking to upgrade your tech game with a shiny new Samsung device? Wish those sleek smartphones and powerful laptops weren’t so hard on your wallet?

Well, buckle up because Samsung and UNiDAYS have teamed up to make your tech dreams a reality with awesome student discounts!

The discount is 20% off the Samsung range, which when buying a phone that costs $1,200, that’s a huge $240 off the total.

What exactly is UNiDAYS?

UNiDAYS is a super cool platform designed exclusively for students. Think of it like your digital student ID that unlocks amazing discounts on tons of brands, including Samsung.

Signing up is totally free and gives you access to a whole world of money-saving goodness! Not only for Samsung, but a wide variety of retailers, who also offer discounts.

Head over to UNiDAYS to see a wide variety of offers amongst tons of retailers.

How Much Can You Save?

Get ready to be amazed! Samsung often offers up to 20% off through UNiDAYS, and sometimes the deals even get sweeter. We’re talking savings on:

  • Smartphones: Snag the latest Galaxy models at a steal.
  • Tablets: Unleash your creativity with a Galaxy Tab for less.
  • Laptops: Power through assignments with a discounted Galaxy Book.
  • Wearables: Smartwatches, earbuds – you name it!
  • And More! Samsung throws in discounts on TVs, monitors, you name it.

All these things are great for uni students, who may need it to further studies or simply have the latest devices.

How To Claim Your Samsung Discount

Ready to start saving? Here’s the simple breakdown:

  1. Sign up with UNiDAYS: Head to their website ( and create a free account. You’ll need to verify your student status with your school email address.
  2. Head to the Samsung Website: Visit Samsung Australia’s website ( and browse their awesome selection.
  3. Login Time: Find the UNiDAYS login option on the Samsung site. Use your UNiDAYS credentials to sign in.
  4. Discount Delight: Bam! The student discounts will magically appear on eligible products. Add your dream items to your cart and the savings automatically apply at checkout.

Pro Tips for Maximizing Your Savings

SSometimes Samsung runs its own promotions on top of the UNiDAYS discount. Double-dip for even bigger savings! Be on the lookout: UNiDAYS and Samsung occasionally launch extra-special offers with even deeper discounts.

Keep an eye on your emails and the UNiDAYS website.

Got classmates who also crave Samsung goodies? Refer them to UNiDAYS and you could earn additional rewards.

Like any promotions, if you see a good deal that is unbeatable, you should jump on the offers before they change or expire.

Things To Consider

  • Discounts can change, so always check the latest offers on the UNiDAYS website.
  • You’ll need to re-verify your student status with UNiDAYS periodically.
  • Sometimes orders can’t be fulfilled due to stock

Make sure you read the full T&Cs as per the Samsung store website, as you don’t want to think you’re getting a great deal, only to be disappointed.

The Verdict: Should you bother?

Absolutely yes! If you’re a student who loves Samsung tech, using UNiDAYS is a no-brainer. It’s free, easy, and saves you serious cash on cutting-edge devices.

Now go out there and get those great deals, and have fun spending those savings.


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