Optus Achieves Over 80.5% 5G Coverage: A Milestone in Connectivity

Optus 5g Coverage

Optus 5g coverage has expanded, with the 5G network now covering over 80.5% of Australia’s population, marking a significant achievement in the telecommunications sector.

The details were revealed in the most recent financial results for the telco giant, who also announced YoY growth.

This development underscores Optus’s commitment to delivering high-speed connectivity, backed by a new strategic partnership with TPG Telecom to enhance regional coverage.

Leading the 5G Market – Optus 5G Coverage

A recent OpenSignal report highlights Optus as the top provider for 5G gaming experience in Australia.

The report attributes this to Optus’s investment in advanced technology, ensuring high-speed, low-latency connections essential for gaming and other data-intensive applications.

The OpenSignal report indicates that Optus 5G customers enjoy some of the fastest download and upload speeds in the country.

Strengthening Regional Connectivity

Optus and TPG Telecom announced a groundbreaking partnership to significantly expand 5G coverage in regional Australia.

In particular, this strategic collaboration will see Optus utilize TPG’s extensive infrastructure to bring high-speed internet access to underserved areas, offering a viable alternative to Telstra’s long-standing dominance in regional connectivity.

Financial Stability and Growth

Optus’s financial report for FY24 highlights stable earnings and growth in the mobile sector, reflecting the company’s resilience and strategic investments.

These financial gains have facilitated substantial investments in 5G infrastructure, enabling continuous network improvements and expansions​​.

Positive Impact on Customers

The expansion of Optus’s 5G network translates to a better user experience with broader coverage and faster speeds.

Customers benefit from seamless streaming, gaming, and business operations.

The TPG partnership ensures that even regional areas receive high-quality connectivity, bridging the urban-rural digital divide.

Future Prospects

Optus is poised for further advancements, with plans to continue investing in technology and infrastructure to enhance coverage and performance.

They also highlighted the need to further develop their Enterprise business, which underperformed in the yearly results.

The company’s vision moving forward includes integrating new technologies to provide innovative solutions, maintaining its leadership in the 5G space.


Optus’s achievement of over 80.5% 5G coverage represents a significant milestone.

The company’s strategic initiatives and technological investments have positioned it as a strong 5G player.

Although they don’t have the 87% 5G coverage of Telstra, Optus being in range of Telstra’s 5G coverage whilst winning awards for 5G performance is nothing but a huge positive.

Optus’s ongoing commitment to expanding coverage, improving performance, and forming strategic partnerships ensures it will continue to be a significant player in the telco space for the foreseeable future.


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