Optus Secures 5G Gaming Crown in Australia, OpenSignal Report Reveals

Optus 5G

Australia’s mobile network competition just got hotter. A new report from independent analytics firm OpenSignal confirms Optus as the clear winner in the 5G Games Experience category, offering Australian gamers a powerful edge on next-generation networks.

But the report tells a larger story. It highlights a dynamic mobile market where both established players and newer entrants have carved out their niches across various performance categories.

Key Takeaways from the OpenSignal Report

© Opensignal Limited
© Opensignal Limited
  • Optus’ 5G Gaming Dominance: Optus snagged outright wins in the 5G Experience category, showcasing its superior network for mobile gamers craving low latency and a smooth, responsive experience.
  • Telstra’s Overall Strengths: Despite losing the gaming crown, Telstra remained strong overall, earning top spots in categories like Coverage Experience and 5G Coverage Experience.
  • Vodafone’s Rising Star: Vodafone made significant strides, with marked improvements in download speeds and an outright win in the Upload Speed Experience category.
  • Regional Divide: The report underscores the ongoing challenge of ensuring consistent, high-quality mobile experiences across Australia’s vast geography, with disparities in performance between urban and rural areas being a common theme.

Overall, the key winner was Optus who showcased their 5G network, consistency and overall experience. That said, Telstra still clearly owns the coverage game and Vodafone surprisingly had good increase in multiple categories.

Understanding the 5G Games Experience

5G isn’t just about faster speeds. For gamers, it brings game-changing possibilities. The OpenSignal report focuses on key factors that impact real-time multiplayer mobile gaming:

  • Latency: The delay between actions and their in-game results. Low latency is vital for competitive titles.
  • Jitter: Inconsistency in latency, causing frustrating lag spikes and desynchronization.
  • Packet Loss: Lost data during transmission, leading to in-game glitches and interruptions.

Optus’ victory indicates their network is well-optimized to minimize these issues, giving their 5G subscribers an advantage in fast-paced online games.

As 5G continues to expand with Optus, you can expect faster speeds, more availability and leave behind the concerns of lag when gaming online.

The 5G Home Internet market is also blooming, with telco giants all competing to get customers in this developing landscape.

Where Australia’s Mobile Market is Heading

OpenSignal’s report offers a snapshot of a constantly evolving market. Here’s what to expect:

  • 5G Expansion: All providers will continue aggressive 5G network rollouts, gradually bringing those benefits to more Australians.
  • Fiercer Competition: Increased competition will fuel innovation and potentially drive down prices. MVNOs are also coming in heavy with more competitive offers.
  • Focus on User Experience: Beyond raw speed, expect providers to differentiate themselves by tailoring network strengths towards gaming, streaming, or other specific use cases.


Optus emerged as an overall winner in the OpenSignal report due to its exceptional performance in several key categories, showcasing a well-rounded network experience for Australian users.

Specifically, Optus secured outright wins in 5G Games Experience, 5G Reach, and 5G Voice App Experience. Their strong showing in other categories, including joint wins in 5G Availability and 5G Download Speed Experience, further solidified their position.

This comprehensive performance highlights Optus’s commitment to providing a reliable and advanced mobile network, especially for users who value cutting-edge 5G capabilities for gaming, voice calls, and overall connectivity.


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