Telstra Device Security: Easy Parental Controls for Online Safety

Telstra Device Security

The internet is an incredible world of learning and connection, but it also comes with risks, especially for young ones.

As a parent, you want to keep your kids safe online without being overbearing. That’s where Telstra Device Security steps in with its easy-to-use parental controls.

What is Telstra Device Security?

Telstra Device Security is a subscription service that goes beyond just antivirus protection. It’s a suite of tools to shield your family’s devices and online activities.

Its parental controls let you shape your kids’ internet experience for their safety and your peace of mind.

It’s a service powered by McAfee Multi Access, it’s incredibly simple to use and even if you’re not great with technology, you will be able to use the service.

Key Parental Control Features

Here’s what you can do with Telstra Device Security’s parental controls:

  • Content Filtering: Block inappropriate websites based on categories (e.g., adult content, gambling, violence). You can customize the filters for different age groups.
  • App Blocking: Restrict specific apps that you deem unsuitable, distracting, or potentially harmful.
  • Time Scheduling: Set daily internet time limits for each child’s device. Prevent late-night browsing or endless gaming sessions.
  • Online Activity Reports: Receive summaries of your kids’ browsing habits, including websites visited and apps used. This helps you spot any concerning patterns.
  • Safe Search: Enforce safe search results across popular search engines, protecting your kids from accidentally stumbling upon explicit content.

The app is so easy to use, I also found Telstra’s commitment to device security, a level above other key competitors. They information they provide along with tutorials, make this a great product for parents.

Here is an example of the user interface, which again is easy to understand for all users.

Telstra Device Security Interface

Benefits of Using Telstra Device Security for Parental Controls

  • Peace of Mind: Relax knowing your kids are shielded from the darker corners of the web.
  • Age-appropriate Browsing: Filter content suitable for their age, keeping them safer online.
  • Curbing Screen Time: Regulate internet usage to promote healthy habits, sleep, and focus on schoolwork.
  • Open Communication: Use the activity reports to start conversations with your kids about responsible internet use.

Essentially, it gives control back to parents who want to control and monitor how their kids use the Internet at home.

Getting Started: How to Set Up Parental Controls

  1. Subscribe: Add Telstra Device Security to your eligible Telstra mobile or home internet plan. You can do this through the My Telstra app or via the website.
  2. Install: Download the McAfee Multi Access app on your kids’ devices (smartphones, tablets, laptops) – this is where the parental controls live.
  3. Configure: Log in to the app and navigate to the Parental Controls section. Create profiles for each child and customize settings to your liking.

From there, you simply select which app and web filters you want to apply, and that’s it!

Some Quick Things To Consider

Telstra Device Security offers protection for up to 10 devices, providing coverage for most families. Before subscribing, double-check the system requirements for the McAfee app to ensure compatibility with all of your children’s devices.

Remember, while parental controls are incredibly valuable tools, they should not be considered a substitute for ongoing supervision and open conversations about online safety and building healthy tech habits with your kids.


Telstra Device Security gives you powerful tools to help guide your children’s digital journey. By using its parental controls thoughtfully, you create a safer, more balanced online environment for them.

This allows kids to reap the benefits of the internet while minimizing the risks. If you’re ready to take control, explore adding Telstra Device Security to your plan today!

They also currently have some terrific offers, including 3 months on Telstra or 6 months for just 5,000 Telstra Plus points. After these offers expire, Telstra Device Security returns to the normal pricing of $10 per month.


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