What Is The Optus Living Network?

Optus Living Network

The Optus Living Network represents an innovative step in telecommunications, redefining the user experience by offering enhanced control over their connectivity services.

By incorporating customer feedback and adapting to user needs, Optus has transformed the conventional network into a dynamic ecosystem.

The network provides features like ‘Donate Your Data’, allowing customers to contribute unused data towards charitable causes, showcasing Optus’ commitment to not only improving service utility but also fostering community support.

Optus Living Network

Leveraging advanced technologies, the Optus Living Network is designed to be responsive, providing an array of services that can evolve on the fly to meet the demands of its users.

I love the UI, it’s modern, sleek, and very easy to navigate.

Whether it’s through artificial intelligence, data management, or tailored extras, the emphasis is placed on personalization.

This user-centric approach signifies a significant shift in how telecom services are provided, moving away from one-size-fits-all solutions to more adaptive, individualized experiences.

With the aim to empower users, Optus encourages them to tailor their connectivity through the My Optus app, where they can activate various features of the Living Network.

The network’s foundation is built on the promise of possibilities—a belief that through embracing flexibility and saying ‘yes’ to innovation, an enriched and more satisfying connectivity experience can be achieved for customers across urban and regional areas.

Understanding the Optus Living Network

The Optus Living Network represents a leap in telecommunication services, focusing on customer autonomy and dynamic technological enhancements.

It’s a progressive step in how consumers interact with and benefit from their network provider.

Key Features

  • Donate Your Data: One of the early offerings, this feature allows customers to contribute their unused data to those in need, emphasizing community benefits and social responsibility.
  • Connection Control: Customers can tailor their connectivity experience directly within the My Optus app, ensuring the network adapts to individual usage patterns and preferences.

Technological Innovations

  • Optus Network Pulse: This innovative tool within the Living Network allows users to visualize and understand their network experience, including mobile and WiFi connectivity, promoting a transparent relationship between the customer and their network.
  • AI Integration: Artificial intelligence plays a key role in personalizing user experiences and introducing advanced features that keep the network ahead of evolving demands.

User Benefits and Control

Optus Living Network introduces innovative features that empower customers with greater command over their connectivity and services.

These benefits hinge on customization and flexible management of the user’s network experience.

Optus Pause Functionality

Optus Pause allows users to momentarily disable their mobile data.

This feature is particularly useful for dedicated times when uninterrupted attention is needed, whether for family dinners or focusing on work without the distraction of notifications.

By initiating Optus Pause, individuals can take control and manage their online availability.

Customizing User Experience

Optus Living Network’s suite of features enables users to tailor their digital environment. 

Customization encompasses options for managing data usage, adapting communication settings, and applying user-centric preferences to enhance daily interactions.

This level of customization not only improves the overall user experience but also aligns with individual lifestyle requirements.

Network Management and Performance

The Optus Living Network provides users with the ability to make real-time adjustments to their network settings.

This empowers customers to tailor their connectivity experience to their current needs and preferences.

Optus Network Pulse Usage

Optus Network Pulse is a feature that offers users a window into the performance of their network. Customers can visualize and monitor their connectivity, gaining insight into the efficiency and strength of their network, whether it’s their mobile data or home WiFi.

This transparency is a cornerstone of the Optus Living Network, aiming to provide a more intuitive and controllable network experience.

Optus Call Translate

Call Translate is a service offered by Optus that enables real-time translation of phone conversations between different language speakers. It’s designed to work during a standard voice call, allowing seamless communication across language barriers


The Optus Living Network is a great step by a service provider to allow more control for their customers through a seamless in-app experience. The services such as data pause, data testing, and call translation are immense services that are really beneficial for customers.

These services are often unused due to lack a lack of knowledge from customers, but it’s clear to see the value they add to the Optus service stack. All in all, we strongly recommend this service for consumers looking to have more control.


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