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Let’s Be Mates also known as MATE, has continued to break through the ever-competitive Telecommunications market, by revolutionizing customer service with its affordable, contract-free plans and top-notch service.

They have redefined the often-complicated process of finding the right service package by offering straightforward bundles that prioritize both cost efficiency and reliability.

With an all-Australian-based support team, MATE has established a strong rapport with its customers, emphasizing community and accessibility. So let’s discover why MATE has gone from strength to strength.

Their approach is encapsulated in their simple motto: “no contract & simple activation.” MATE assures customers that they won’t be trapped in long-term commitments, granting them the flexibility seen in the industry.

Furthermore, their Bundle & Save options provide tangible financial benefits for combining mobile and internet services, which resonates well with budget-conscious individuals looking for long-term savings.

By harnessing promotional offers, like the SAVE20 deal, MATE not only appeals to savvy shoppers but also ensures their services are more accessible to a broader audience.

Who Is Behind MATE?

With Australia full of telecommunication options, MATE stands out with its Aussie roots and commitment to stellar customer service.

Ownership and Background

MATE is a contender in the telecommunications sector that takes pride in being 100% Australian-owned. Behind the friendly brand name is a team driven by the core value of putting customers first.

MATE also known as Let’s Be Mates, has three owners, David and Mark Fazio, who are brothers, and their business partner, Jonathan Dundovic.

Their customer happiness business philosophy is a refreshing approach in an industry that often prioritizes sales over service.

The company employs local staff, ensuring that the support not only resonates with Australian users but also contributes to the local economy.

With an award-winning customer service centre based in Australia, they maintain a close connection with their customer base, aptly referred to as ‘mates’.

Network and Coverage

MATE leverages high-performing networks to ensure customers stay connected. They’ve earned a reputation for providing robust internet and extensive mobile coverage with cost-effective plans.

MATE’s Mobile Network

MATE’s mobile services operate on the Telstra Wholesale Mobile Network. This network provides expansive coverage, reaching more than 98.8% of the Australian population.

Whether it’s through 4G, or the emerging 5G networks, MATE users benefit from the widespread and reliable access synonymous with the Telstra infrastructure.

In particular, their 4G network envelops at least 98.7% of Australians, assuring consistent connectivity.

Internet Connection Reliability

When it comes to internet services, MATE offers Unlimited NBN plans. They take pride in not only being affordable but also reliable. MATE’s reliance on Telstra lines means that their internet service isn’t just fast; it’s underpinned by one of the country’s most established network infrastructures.

Internet users can choose among various NBN plans, ensuring they find one that suits their needs, maintaining both performance and dependability.

MATE’s Mobile and Internet Offerings

MATE leverages the principles of simplicity and affordability to offer competitive mobile and internet plans. They focus on streamlining the customer experience with straightforward options.

Affordable Mobile Plans


MATE Mobile, known for its no-contract ethos, provides choices tailored to a variety of users. For instance, their Good Mates plan offers 12GB of data per month, aimed at users who need a reasonable amount of data on-the-go.

On the other end, the Better Mates plan features 25GB of 4G data every month, satisfying the needs of more data-intensive consumers.

Plans include:

  • Good Mates: 12GB data at 100Mbps download speeds on 4G.
  • Better Mates: 25GB at speeds up to 100Mbps on 4G.

All plans include unlimited talk and text to Australian numbers, emphasizing budget-friendly services without the typical contractual lock-ins.

Home Internet Solutions

When it comes to home internet, MATE presents an impressive array of NBN plans. Customers have the flexibility of monthly subscriptions, with the advantage of unlimited data to ensure seamless connectivity at home.

The unlimited NBN Internet plan is competitively priced and, importantly, doesn’t trap customers with hidden setup or plan change fees.

Internet options include:

  • Unlimited NBN: Priced from $45 per month, with a promo code available for savings.
  • No Contract: Freedom to change plans or cancel without penalty.

All of MATE’s internet solutions are backed by an all-Australian-based support team, ready to assist with any inquiries, clearly showing their commitment to customer service and local support.

Promotions and Savings

MATE is turning heads in the customer service realm with their savvy blend of affordability and user-focused promotions.

They ensure customers don’t just sign up, but stay satisfied with tempting deals. For our readers, here is a Promo for you to take advantage of.


Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, readers looking into MATE’s services can find pertinent details about customer experiences, service features, and partnerships that highlight the company’s emphasis on affordability and supportive customer service.

MATE Internet is an Australian internet service provider (ISP) known for its straightforward NBN plans, competitive pricing, and focus on customer satisfaction. They offer a range of NBN speeds to suit different usage needs.

  • Simple Pricing: No complicated tiers, just straightforward NBN plans at competitive prices.
  • No Lock-In Contracts: Flexibility to change plans or providers without penalty fees.
  • Aussie Support: Local customer support based in Australia.
  • Transparency: Clear information on speeds and contracts, so you know what you’re getting.

Yes! MATE frequently offers promotions, such as discounts on your first few months. Check their website for the latest deals.

MATE offers several ways to get in touch:

  • Phone: 13 14 13
  • Online Chat: Available on their website
  • Email:


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