Harvey Norman’s Optus Deals: The Fine Print You Need to Know Before You Buy

Harvey Norman Optus

When it comes to finding the best mobile plans, Harvey Norman probably isn’t the first place that pops into your head.

But surprise, surprise – you can actually snag exclusive Harvey Norman Optus deals there.

Yep, Harvey Norman offers a range of Optus mobile plans, supposedly tailored to fit your needs. And hey, you might even get a nice little gift card as a bonus.

So, if you are after just a SIM-only option, Harvey Norman claims to have special offers you won’t find anywhere else.

But, is everything really as it seems? Let’s dive into the deals and then I’ll explain why I found researching these plans to be confusing at times.

Exclusive Optus Deals At Harvey Norman

Harvey Norman has partnered with Optus to bring you exclusive deals on mobile plans. These offers are designed to give you more value and the ability to pick up a gift card to use at Harvey Norman.

These plans are high in data, and all includes unlimited talk + text. Plus, you can enjoy the reliability of the Optus network, which was recently shown to have some of the best 5G speeds in Australia.

Plan Table
Plan $49/month $69/month $99/month
Minimum Term 24 months 24 months 24 months
Monthly Data For Use In Australia 60GB 100GB 300GB
Standard National Talk & Text Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Maximum Plan Cancellation Fee
Does not include additional device payments (if applicable)
$588 $828 $1,188
Minimum Total Cost
Does not include additional device payments (if applicable)
$1,176 $1,656 $2,376

Perks Of The Harvey Norman Optus Deals?

Gift Card Bonus: One of the so-called perks of getting an Optus SIM-only plan at Harvey Norman is the enticing gift card you receive.

It’s like getting a consolation prize for locking yourself into a contract – at least you can use it towards something else in the store.

Optus Network: Optus boasts about their network coverage and reliability, and by signing up through Harvey Norman, you get access to this network.

While it may not be revolutionary, it’s a reliable option that keeps you connected, and they have been proven to have a great mobile network that is ever expanding.

Locked-In Pricing for 24 Months: When you sign up for an Optus plan at Harvey Norman, you’re locking in your pricing for 24 months.

This means no sudden price hikes, but it also means you’re tied to the same plan for two years, whether you like it or not.

Comparing with JB Hi-Fi’s Telstra Partnership

If you’re familiar with JB Hi-Fi’s partnership with Telstra, you might be curious how Harvey Norman’s Optus deals stack up.

Similar to JB Hi-Fi’s exclusive Telstra offers, Harvey Norman’s Optus deals claim to provide unique value and incentives.

For example, while JB Hi-Fi often includes gift cards with Telstra plans, Harvey Norman might throw in some discounts on other tech products.

Both retailers offer competitive options, so it’s worth sifting through the specifics to see which deal is slightly less convoluted.

What I Found Confusing About The Offers

Now the harsh part, whilst the offers may seem great, the variations between the Optus and Harvey Norman websites, caused me confusion on several things.

Here are the confusing things:

Is It A Contract Or Not?

If you look at the Harvey Norman website, it clearly states 24 month contracts, however when visiting the Optus website, it states “minimum term 24 months” followed by a “No Lock In Contract” text.

So, what is it? You can’t not be In a contract when you state “minimum term”.

Optus Harvey Norman Plans

    What Are The Potential Gift Card Cancellation Fees

    Upon the confusing things for this offer, I could not find a clear statement on what happens with the gift cards, should you cancel.

    For example, if I cancel my plan after 12 months, do I have to repay the gift card? These things should be clearly stated, especially when it comes to the Harvey Norman Optus Voucher.


    Well, first I strongly recommend Harvey Norman update their website, to match the Optus website, as the confusion creates hesitation.

    The Harvey Norman site does not mention the updated features on the Optus site, such as 5G Network Access and referencing the updated CIS.

    Secondly, I strongly recommend you go in to store for more clarity on this one, get everything in writing and be sure this is the right plan for you.



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