Vodafone Trade-in Program: Upgrade Your Tech!

trade in Vodafone

Upgrading your phone is awesome, but dealing with your old one is kinda a pain. Vodafone’s trade-in program takes some of the hassle away and even gets you a bit of cashback.

If you’re ready for a new phone, tablet, or smartwatch, trading in your old one can lower the cost of your shiny new gadget.

trade in vodafone

Here’s how it works, first, you get a quote for what your old device is worth. You do this by completing the device assessment test on the Vodafone website.

Then, you can mail it in, or just take it to a Vodafone store. Once they check it over and validate the worth of your device, you will get an offer that you need to accept within 14 days.

If you accept, you get your credit, which you can use on your Vodafone bill. Easy!

How Vodafone Trade-In Works

Vodafone makes trading in your old phone nice and simple. Whether you’ve got an iPhone or something else, it could be worth some money towards that upgrade you’ve been eyeing.

See If It’s Worth Trading In

Head over to Vodafone’s website and use their little tool to see if your phone is eligible. If it is, download their trade-in app, and it’ll walk you through the rest. You don’t even have to leave your couch to get started!

If you don’t like the value, one test I always do is to check the value on marketplaces, If I cant get a better deal, say on Facebook, I’ll go ahead with that option.

How Much Cash Will I Get?

The amount you get depends on what you’re trading in, how good a shape it’s in, and what the market’s like. Sometimes, they even have bonuses – like extra credit for trading in an iPhone if you upgrade.

Keep an eye on their site for those deals! Anyway, that credit goes towards your Vodafone bill or your new device – your choice.

Why Choose Vodafone?

  • Money Back: Why let your old phone collect dust? Get some credit for it!
  • Check It Yourself: Don’t just guess, use the eligibility checker on their website to see if your phone qualifies.
  • Sweet Deals: Sometimes, Vodafone throws in bonuses for trading in certain models. More money is always good.
  • Use It Your Way: Depending on the terms, they might spread out your credit over a few months, which can make your bill easier to manage.

A Few Things To Keep In Mind

  • It’s Not a Get-Rich-Quick Scheme: You won’t get full price for your used phone, but it’s better than nothing, right?
  • Contracts: Be aware that some trade-in deals might lock you into a Vodafone plan for a while.
  • Read The Fine Print: Know what the terms are and if there are any deadlines for those special bonus offers.
  • Turn Off Tracking: Ensure you turn off all tracking such as Find My iPhone, if left on, the device will be rejected and sent back.
  • Back-Up DataBack up your mobile data before you send the old device back, this is because you will need to factory reset the device before you send it.


Device trade-in is a great way to recycle your old device, whilst getting fair market value for the device. Services like Vodafone-Trade In also encourage you to get the latest phones every year.


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