Superloop NBN Review: A Reliable Choice for Fast Speeds

Superloop NBN Review

Australians searching for a solid NBN experience without the premium price tag often find themselves checking out Superloop.

They’re not the flashiest telco on the block, but their focus on reliable speeds and responsive customer service has won them a loyal following.

We put Superloop through its paces to see if it lives up to the hype and if it’s the right choice for you. With that said, let’s get into this Superloop NBN Review.

The Superloop Advantage: It Just Works

One of the best things about Superloop is that well…it just works. During our testing, we experienced consistently fast speeds, especially during those busy evening hours when everyone else is clogging up the network. Unlike some other providers, they seem to deliver on their advertised “typical evening speeds.”

If you’re the type who just wants the internet to do its thing without fiddling around, Superloop shines. They also score extra points for reliability – we didn’t have any major outages or prolonged periods of slowness throughout our trial.

Speeds: Matching Your Needs to the Right Plan

Superloop NBN Review

Superloop offers a good variety of NBN speed tiers, from the basic NBN 12 up to the super-fast NBN 1000. Here’s the lowdown:

  • NBN 12: Perfect for light users – browsing, emails, and the occasional video.
  • NBN 25: A solid choice if you do a bit of streaming or have a couple of people online at once.
  • NBN 50: This is the sweet spot for most households. Expect smooth streaming, even in HD.
  • NBN 100 and above: Power users, big households, and those who just want the fastest of the fast – go for it!

The great thing is you can switch between plans easily if you realize you need more (or less) juice.

What About The Price?

Superloop strikes a nice balance between affordability and value. Their prices aren’t always the absolute cheapest, but they’re also not going to break the bank.

For what you get – reliable speeds, good service – you feel like you’re getting your money’s worth.

Perks? Not So Much, and That’s Okay

Superloop keeps things simple. You won’t find any fancy bundled streaming services or flashy extras with their plans.

They focus on the core of what matters – providing quality internet. If you don’t need the bells and whistles, this approach keeps things clean and uncomplicated.

If you are after more perks from your providers, Telstra is in my opinion the best one, due to the Telstra Plus Program.

Who Are Superloop For?

Superloop is a smart choice if you value:

  • Reliability above all else: You just need the internet to work, no fuss, no drama.
  • Fast speeds at a fair price: You’re willing to pay a tad more to avoid throttling or slowdowns.

The Downside To Superloop

Okay so here is where Superloop might fall a bit short if:

  • You’re on a super tight budget: They’re not always the most budget-friendly out there.
  • You want extra perks: Don’t expect bundled services or flashy deals.
  • You need a modem included: You’ll need to bring your own or buy one separately.
  • Customer Service: Many users have reported issues with the customer service team.

Superloop Internet – My Verdict

Superloop is a refreshing option in the often frustrating world of NBN providers. They might not be the loudest on the block, but they deliver where it counts – fast speeds and a reliable connection.

If you’re tired of battling unreliable speeds, endless outages, and terrible support, Superloop is absolutely worth considering.

Think of them as the reliable workhorse that gets the job done, no flashy tricks needed.

For full transparency, we didn’t come across customer service issues, however, the feedback from customers on Product Review isn’t great.

It shows a big breakdown in the process, resulting in huge customer complaints due to extended wait times or poor support over the phone.

So do take that into account when considering them as your provider. Furthermore, the non-contract option is a great way to try them without being locked in.

Important Note: Remember, your NBN experience can vary depending on factors like your location and your home’s wiring.


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