What Is Telstra Plus? We Got You Covered!


Telstra Plus is a rewards program designed by the telecommunications giant, Telstra, to incentivize and reward its customers.

It operates similarly to a frequent flyer program where members earn points based on the monthly amount spent on Telstra services.

They currently have 5.4m Telstra Plus customers which is an overall 76% engagement rate from the over 7 million digital customers.

These points can then be redeemed for various rewards, ranging from discounts on new technology to digital services such as an Amazon Prime membership, which includes a suite of perks like free delivery on eligible items and access to Prime Video and Prime Reading.

They also have rewards tiers based on spend as per below,

Telstra Plus Tiers

The program is structured to provide benefits to all Telstra customers but with exclusive perks for those with eligible business services.

Non-enterprise and non-corporate customers can earn points that translate directly to savings on products or services.

Engaging in the program also presents opportunities to receive bonus points through special offers, thus accelerating the reward redemption process.

Telstra Plus aims to enhance the overall customer experience by adding value to the regular expenses customers already incur for their telecommunications needs.

Understanding Telstra Plus

Telstra Plus is a loyalty program designed to reward customers for their association with Telstra.

Members earn points for monthly spend, which can be used towards rewards. Members earn 10 Telstra Plus Points per $1 when they make an eligible payment for their services.

Telstra Plus Membership Benefits

Members of Telstra Plus reap a variety of benefits, as accumulating Telstra Plus points translates into redeemable rewards. Individuals receive points based on their monthly spending with Telstra.

These points can be exchanged for gadgets, discounts on products, or digital gift cards.

The choice and range of rewards are diverse, giving members the freedom to choose rewards that suit their preferences.

Certain membership tiers provide members with additional perks, such as entertainment offers and VIP services.

How Telstra Plus Works

The mechanics of Telstra Plus are straightforward. Customers join the program and start earning points for every dollar spent on eligible Telstra services.

The point accumulation process is simple – the more a member spends, the more points they collect.

Once a sufficient number of points have been accrued, they can be redeemed for various Telstra Plus rewards, from technology to entertainment options.

Redemption is designed to be a seamless experience, whether it’s for a digital gift card or a discount on a new device.

It is important to note that eligibility criteria apply to join Telstra Plus and to redeem points for rewards.

Earning and Redeeming Points

In the rewards program, customers can earn points through various transactions and then redeem those points for a range of benefits.

Here’s how members can accumulate and use their Telstra Plus Points.

Earning Telstra Plus Points

Members of the Telstra Plus program earn points by making eligible payments on their Telstra services. For most services, the earning rate is 10 Telstra Plus Points for every $1 spent. These services include:

  • Monthly mobile bill payments
  • Prepaid refill amounts
  • Internet service bills
  • Hardware purchases are paid in monthly installments

The simplicity of the points system enables customers to accumulate points as they continue to use Telstra services effortlessly.

Redeeming Telstra Points

Once a sufficient number of points have been accrued, customers can redeem these points for rewards. 

Redeeming Telstra Plus Points can lead to discounts on a variety of devices and accessories. To do this, one must have:

  1. An active Telstra ID
  2. Enrollment in the Telstra Plus program within the stipulated time frame after plan upgrades

Redemption procedures are designed to be straightforward, offering a practical benefit to ongoing Telstra service usage.

Telstra Rewards Shop

The Telstra Rewards Shop houses a range of products where points can be redeemed. Here, members can:

  • Browse through an extensive selection of devices and accessories
  • Redeem their points for discounts on these products
  • Enjoy periodic special offers exclusive to Telstra Plus members

The shop serves as a central hub for making the most of the points earned, ensuring customers can enjoy tangible advantages for their loyalty to Telstra services.

Exclusive Offers and Deals

Telstra Plus members have the opportunity to access a variety of exclusive offers and deals specifically tailored towards enhancing their entertainment experience.

These deals offer significant value, providing access to content and services that would otherwise be a separate cost.

Disney Plus Telstra Deal

With the Disney Plus Telstra offer, Telstra Plus customers 12 months of Disney+ and can enjoy the vast library of Disney Plus content.

The details of the offer are subject to change but often include a complimentary period of access to Disney Plus.

Subscribers can stream Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, and National Geographic titles directly tied to their Telstra account for convenience and ease of use.

Telstra and Entertainment Bundles

Telstra+ doesn’t just stop at Disney Plus. The program paves the way for varied entertainment bundles, including subscriptions to music streaming services, and more.

Customers can redeem their accumulated Telstra Plus Points for discounts on these entertainment bundles, making Telstra not just a telecom service provider but also a hub for digital entertainment.

Technology and Devices

The rewards program offers various perks on technology and devices, allowing members to redeem points for discounts on a wide range of products, including Telstra’s own branded equipment.

4GX WiFi Plus

The 4GX WiFi Plus device provided by Telstra represents the latest in portable internet technology. It allows users to connect multiple devices to Telstra’s powerful 4GX mobile network, which is renowned for faster speeds in more places.

This device is not only a benefit for those on the move but is also an added advantage for Telstra Plus members who may obtain it through point redemption or opt for discounts on this technology.

The device is not available on the Telstra Plus store. However, a newer version, the Telstra 5G WiFi Pro Black, is available for redemption in the store.

Customer Support and Assistance

Telstra Plus members looking for support have several channels to explore. Gold members have access to the VIP Gold Service which is essentially premium support.

One can easily access a comprehensive list of frequently asked questions related to various aspects of the program, including membership benefits and points management.

For direct assistance or inquiries, customers are encouraged to reach out through the Contact us page. This includes:

  • Making a Complaint: For unresolved issues or dissatisfaction with services or rewards.
  • Scams and Security Concerns: To report fraudulent activities or security-related issues.

In the event of more in-depth support needs, the Telstra support page offers extensive resources.

Customers can investigate community and environmental initiatives or begin learning digital programs for building online skills.

For a more interactive approach, Telstra’s platforms provide:

  • Live Chat: Real-time help from customer service representatives.
  • Community Forums: Peer-to-peer support for common issues and questions.

Additionally, learning digital programs helps customers with no tech experience to thrive online, rounding out their support system.

Each resource is aimed at maintaining a seamless experience for Telstra Plus members while offering solutions and aiding in reward program utilization.


In summary, Telstra Plus is a rewards program designed for customers of Telstra, it’s a terrific program that goes unmatched in terms of competitor offers, and a program you don’t want to miss.

I strongly encourage you to jump on board and reap the rewards that Telstra is offering as well as use the knowledge you’ve gained today, to get the most out of your provider.


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