Finding The Cheapest Phone Plans In Australia In 2024

cheap mobile phone plans

Are you tired of expensive phone bills? Tech X Telco has good news for you – you don’t need to sacrifice coverage or service to save serious cash. In Australia, a surprising range of cheap mobile phone plans can significantly ease the strain on your wallet.

Especially with the current cost of living being quite high, every dollar counts, and saving upwards of a few thousand dollars a year can really help.

Here’s how to find the best cheap phone plans to suit your needs.

Understanding Your Phone Habits

Before diving into carrier offerings and taking the cheapest plan, ask yourself:

  • Data Dependence: Are you an avid streamer, a casual browser, or somewhere in between? Understanding your data consumption is crucial for choosing the right plan.
  • Calling Needs: Do you mainly use your phone for quick calls or lengthy conversations?
  • Texting: Are you a frequent texter, or is SMS less important to you?

You can check all of this by referring to your current provider’s app or bill. They should give you an average to help you make a choice.

MVNO’s Offer Cheap Reliable Solutions

cheap mobile phone plans

Forget just the big-name telcos like Telstra, Optus & Vodafone! Smaller providers, called Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs), often offer incredible value.

They operate using the larger networks (Telstra, Optus, Vodafone) but can undercut those bigger brands by keeping overhead costs low.

The Best and the Cheapest Mobile Plans

Right now, some of the cheapest contenders on the market include:

  • iiNet: Their most basic plan provides 8GB of data, with unlimited call and text for just $10 before increasing to $19.99 after 6 months.
  • Spintel: Currently offering 25GB of data, with unlimited call and text for $14 before increasing to $22
  • Dodo: This provider delivers value with a $10/month plan, giving you 2GB of data plus unlimited calling and texting.

These offers are great due to the data, call, and text allowances.

Best Mobile Phone Plans Under $20

Here are some of the best plans under $20 in Australia. Remember, some of these plans offer an introductory offer, which you should consider before purchasing.

Best Mobile Phone Plans Under $30

Okay, so the inclusions get better as we go up in price. These plans have some great data allowances, such as the Circles.Life plan that has a huge 60GB of data for $25.

The majority of these plans also require you to purchase a sim card from a store or via the online ordering process.

Prepaid vs. Postpaid

  • Prepaid: Prepaid plans often boast more petite price tags. You pay upfront for a specific data allowance, call minutes, and validity period (usually monthly). Great for controlling spending.
  • Postpaid: With postpaid, you’re billed at the end of your cycle. These plans sometimes offer lower prices with more extensive data inclusions, but be mindful that some post-plan plans require credit checks and direct debit.

Extra Money-Saving Tips

  • Promotions: Look for introductory rates and temporary deals from various providers.
  • Bundling: Check for potential savings by combining your phone plan with your home internet.
  • Data Monitoring: Track your usage to avoid overpaying for data you don’t use.

Make The Switch To Cheap Mobile Phone Plans

Switching to a cheap phone plan doesn’t have to be a hassle. Most providers make it easy, and you can often keep your existing phone number. You can visit, How to Switch Mobile Phone Providers in Australia for a full breakdown of switching providers.

The Takeaway

A little research goes a long way regarding finding a cheap phone plan that matches your needs. Don’t overpay; explore a whole world of MVNOs, take advantage of prepaid benefits, and stay attuned to the latest deals to optimize your phone spending.


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