The Best Telstra BYO Mobile Plans: Top Picks for Value

Telstra BYO Mobile Plans

For mobile phone users who prioritize value and flexibility, choosing the right SIM-only plan is crucial. Telstra, a leading Australian telecommunications provider, offers a diverse range of SIM-only plans to cater to various needs.

These plans eliminate the additional cost of a new handset and provide the convenience of monthly billing, all while leveraging Telstra’s extensive network coverage, which truly sets them apart.

Telstra’s BYO Mobile plans, also known as SIM-Only, are particularly attractive for customers who already own their phones and seek competitive prices combined with generous data allowances.

These plans offer an adaptable solution for mobile users, with options to reduce monthly expenses and switch plans as their needs evolve.

Additionally, customers benefit from Telstra’s reliable network, including access to 5G services in applicable areas, ensuring fast and dependable connectivity.

Understanding Telstra’s BYO Mobile Plans

Telstra’s SIM-only plans strike a balance between coverage, data options, and supplementary features tailored to suit diverse user requirements.

They provide a comprehensive mobile service on Australia’s expansive Telstra network. We’re going to jump into the benefits of their plans and what you should look for.

Telstra BYO Mobile Plans: A Closer Look

Now let’s get into the advantages of the Telstra Mobile Plans:

  • Contract-Free Convenience: Telstra’s SIM-only plans are contract-free, offering flexibility and eliminating long-term commitments. This means you can also change your plan at any time to add a phone for an additional cost.
  • Diverse Data Options: Plans range from basic offerings with essential features to comprehensive packages with ample data allowances, catering to light and heavy data users alike.
  • Widespread Coverage: Telstra boasts a comprehensive 4G network with growing 5G availability, ensuring high-speed mobile internet access across Australia. Their network is renowned for its reliability and fast data speeds.
  • Flexible Pricing: Telstra’s SIM-only plans cater to a range of budgets, with options designed to suit different data usage requirements.
  • Additional Features and Benefits: Many Telstra plans include perks such as data sharing, unlimited texts, access to Telstra’s sports streaming services, and data sharing among multiple devices on the same account.
  • Rewards Program: Telstra has one of the best rewards programs in Australia, with Telstra Plus. By having a Post-Paid mobile service, you will be eligible to join the Telstra Plus Program.

Selecting the Right Plan

When choosing a Telstra SIM-only plan, consider your typical data usage, talk time needs, and whether you require international calling options.

Telstra provides tools to help you monitor your data usage and adjust your plan accordingly. I have personally used the My Telstra app and loved how easy it was to use, but also change plan, all within the App.

That said, you shouldn’t stress at all, if you sign up for the low-tier plan and smash the data, you can easily upgrade your plan through the app.

Telstra vs. Other Providers

Compared to other mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs) like Boost Mobile, Felix, or Lyca, Telstra’s plans might be more expensive.

However, Telstra’s extensive network coverage and additional features may justify the higher cost for some users.

Be careful with some of the MVNO’s, as they do speed caps at times, which can hinder your experience when browsing or streaming.

Promotions and Deals

Telstra frequently runs promotions offering bonus data or discounts on SIM-only plans, particularly for new customers who can take advantage of these deals when signing up or switching plans.

Let’s get into their current mobile stack and the difference between the plans.

Telstra BYO Mobile Plans – Consumer

Telstra offers 3 core plans for consumers. Basic, Essential, and Premium, and are priced at $62, $72, and $95 per month.

I have attached all 3 plans below, you can see the data difference in data, as well as the difference in speed caps, allowances, and eligibility towards other perks.

These plans are identical to the small business plans, as Telstra has consolidated its mobile plans across consumer and business.

So overall, there are some great deals and you do need to look at the perks of the plans, such as 5G, lots of mobile data, Telstra Plus, customer support, and more.

What I didn’t like, was the “Bundle” offers on the Essential and Premium plans, The bundle plan is $50 for 25GB and data sharing, however, the catch is, that you need to spend at least $72 on a plan to be eligible.

It’s still more beneficial than getting two basic plans, but I feel like there could be more value-added for consumers.

What If It’s Too Expensive?

If you have reviewed the above plans, and let’s be real, they are quite expensive, especially with how much the cost of living is right now, then Prepaid might be a better option.

Telstra also offers competitive Pre-Paid Plans, which provide 4G & 5G access, data roll-over, unlimited calls and text, and great data allowances.

These options are cheaper, last for 28 days, and require you to Recharge Your Telstra Pre-Paid every 28 days. That said, auto top-up is essentially the same thing as a plan.

It’s also important to remember, that with the 28-day expiry, you will need to recharge 13 times across the full year whilst BYO plans is only 12 times.

For example, the Basic BYO plan will cost you $62 x 12 over the 12 months which is $744 per year, whilst the $45 prepaid, will cost you $45 x 13 over the 12 months which is $585 per year.

So the difference between Pre-Paid and Post-Paid is about $160 per year and the perks of Telstra Plus, higher speed caps, and more.


Telstra has a straightforward range of SIM-only plans on the market, with 3 core plans designed to cater to nearly all customer types.

The plans are more expensive than most, however, the network experience is above all, the best in the market for most.

What you need to decide, is if you want to pay that much more for a BYO plan, or completely drop costs and choose much cheaper plans, that offer most likely more value, but less coverage.

So if you’ve decided to make the switch to Telstra, you can read our guide on How To Switch Mobile Providers, which will eliminate the headache!


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