Optus SIM-Only Plans: Big Data, Expanding Coverage – Is It Your Best Choice?

Optus Sim Only Plans

Optus, one of Australia’s leading telecommunications providers, offers a compelling range of SIM-only mobile plans with generous data allowances, attractive family plans, and a new promising partnership to boost rural coverage.

If you’re searching for flexibility, value, and a reliable network, Optus SIM-only plans could be an excellent choice.

In today’s article, I’ll be discussing some of the best things about Optus Sim Only Plans and my experience using it over the last 3 weeks.

Abundant Data: Generous Allowances for All

Optus stands out in the crowded mobile market with its sizeable data offerings. Even their entry-level plans provide ample data for most users.

Their popular Optus Choice Plus SIM-only plans include:

  • Small Optus Choice Plus Plan: 30GB of data for $49 per month.
  • Medium Optus Choice Plus Plan: 100GB of data for $59 per month.
  • Large Optus Choice Plus Plan: 220GB of data for $69 per month.

These generous data inclusions cater to everything from moderate social media browsing and casual streaming to heavy data users who rely on their phones for entertainment, online gaming, or video conferencing.

I was also really happy at the price for data, and considering I live in Metro, I had full 5G access which was a great experience.

Optus Family Plans: Sharing the Savings

Optus Family Plans offer a fantastic option for families and households looking to maximize value.

These plans allow you to combine multiple SIM-only services under a single account, enjoying data pooling and convenient billing.

Optus Sim Only Plans & Family Plans

Additionally, as you add more eligible services, you get increasing discounts, potentially saving you significant amounts each month.

The total cost works out to be $41.25 per sim, which represents fantastic value for families who aren’t heavy data users.

Entertainment Extras:

Optus Choice Plus SIM-only plans include added perks like subscriptions to Optus Sport and Optus Fitness.

Optus Sport provides access to live sports coverage, including Premier League, UEFA Champions League, and the FIFA Women’s World Cup.

Whilst Optus Fitness offers on-demand workouts and fitness programs, catering to those who want to stay active on the go.

You only have to pay $6.99 as an Optus customer and you get access to 3 months free Amazon Prime by using Optus Sub Hub.

The Optus-TPG Partnership: A Boost for Regional Users

The recent network-sharing agreement between Optus and TPG Telecom promises to significantly enhance Optus’s coverage in regional areas.

This partnership will allow Optus customers to access TPG’s mobile network infrastructure, expanding coverage for those living outside of major metropolitan areas.

This boost in coverage could be a game-changer for frequent travellers or rural residents seeking a more reliable mobile experience on the Optus network.

You should expect some ultra competitive offers when this takes place in 2025.

Who Are Optus SIM-Only Plans Right For?

Optus SIM-only plans are a compelling choice for several types of users:

  • Data-Hungry Users: If you rely on your phone for streaming, gaming, or downloading content, Optus’s generous data plans offer excellent value.
  • Families and Households: Optus Family Plans facilitate data sharing and cost savings, making them ideal for multi-phone households.
  • Football Fanatics: The Optus Sub Hub and Optus Sport perks, are perfect for football loving fans in Australia.

Final Thought On Optus Plans

Optus SIM-only plans present a great option for those seeking data-rich plans, family-friendly options, and expanding rural coverage.

Their attractive pricing, entertainment inclusions, and a focus on boosting their network infrastructure make Optus a formidable player in the Australian mobile market.

Optus SIM-only plans deliver a solid combination of value, flexibility, and coverage for many Australian users.

If you’re not tied to your current provider, it’s certainly worth exploring what Optus has to offer.


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