What To Do If Your Mobile Number Has Been Spoofed!

Number Spoofing

You’re probably here because you’ve searched for “someone called me saying i called them“, well, If you’ve begun receiving calls or texts from individuals claiming they were contacted by you, despite not having made these communications, it’s possible you’re the victim of number spoofing.

Spoofing occurs when scammers manipulate caller ID information to disguise their true identity, often using innocent people’s phone numbers to hide their activities.

This not only causes confusion and potential harm to the reputation of the number’s rightful owner but can also lead to a host of other security and privacy issues for both the victim and those receiving the fraudulent calls.

Number Spoofing

Luckily, there is now something you can do to counter this, and it usually takes several days to resolve after you initiate it.

With that said, let’s get into these mobile tips to prevent and stop number spoofing.

Understanding Number Spoofing

Learning about number spoofing can help you protect yourself from being manipulated by scammers using your phone number.

What Is Number Spoofing?

Number spoofing is an act where scammers falsify the information transmitted to your caller ID to disguise their identity. Using specialized technology, they make it appear as if their calls are coming from a different phone number, often one that looks familiar to you.

Common Signs of Number Spoofing

  • Unexpected callbacks from people claiming you called them when you did not.
  • Seeing calls from your number on your caller ID.

Why Would Someone Spoof My Number?

Scammers might spoof your number to:

  • Avoid identification and legal consequences.
  • Increase the likelihood you’ll answer the call, as familiar-looking numbers are less suspicious.
  • Use your number as a disguise to carry out scam campaigns, affecting numerous individuals.

Dealing With Spoofing Issues

If you discover that your mobile number has been spoofed, it’s crucial to act swiftly. The following steps, preventive measures, and reporting options are designed to safeguard your reputation and personal security.

Immediate Steps to Take If Your Number Is Spoofed

  1. Increase Security Settings: Begin by enhancing your call security settings, which may include features like enabling caller ID and spam protection features provided by your carrier. These settings can help to identify and filter out suspicious calls.
  2. Contact Your Carrier: Reach out immediately to your telephone service provider. They offer specific tools and advice for mitigating the damage of spoofing and can potentially trace the origin of the spoofed calls.
  3. Change Passwords: To secure your voicemail and other aspects of your phone service, change your passwords regularly.
  4. 2FA – Set Up two-factor authentication, for any time something needs to be changed on your account.

How to Prevent Future Spoofing

  1. Caller ID Apps: Install a reputable caller ID spoofing app that can help distinguish between legitimate calls and potential spoofing attempts.
  2. Education: Stay informed about the latest scamming tactics. Scammers constantly evolve their methods, and being aware of these can help you avoid falling victim to spoofing.
  3. Protect Personal Information: Be vigilant about giving out your phone number. Only share it with trusted sources to reduce the risk of it being captured by malicious entities.
  1. Report the Spoofing: If you’re in Australia and your number has been spoofed, report it to the Australian Communications and Media Authority. They take such incidents seriously and can guide you on the appropriate legal steps to take.
  2. Legal Action: Consider seeking legal advice to understand your rights and options. The misuse of your number is a form of identity fraud and may carry legal implications for the perpetrators.

What Your Provider Can Do

Specific service providers now can implement measures to avoid spoofing. I recently was the victim of spoofing and contacted Telstra who sent me to their technical team, they then implemented a filter to block my number from being spoofed and it finally resolved my issue.

To contact Telstra, simply call 13 22 00 or use the live chat function, you’ll then get put through the service team who will assist.

Contact your provider to see if they can do the same for you.


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