Best Apple Watch Series 6 Deals In Australia!

apple watch series 6

Let’s face it, a good Apple Watch deal can be the difference between upgrading your wrist game and sticking with your trusty old timepiece.

When I broke my Apple Watch Series 6, I was quoted $600 to fix it and was left devasted, then 2 weeks later, I snatched a $400 deal and laughed with my new Apple Watch.

An Apple Watch with a mobile plan elevates it from a mere iPhone accessory to a powerful communication tool in its own right. But navigating the options of plans and discounts can be overwhelming.

Fear not! This guide is your roadmap to finding a plan that fits both your budget and lifestyle, transforming your Apple Watch into your ultimate on-the-go companion.

Providers and Plans: Finding the Right Fit

Major carriers like Telstra and Optus offer an array of Apple Watch plans to suit diverse needs. You’ll find everything from no-frills connectivity options to comprehensive plans packed with bonus perks for music lovers or fitness enthusiasts.

The secret lies in striking the perfect balance between the features you need and the monthly cost you’re willing to pay.

Apple Watch Series 6 Providers & Deals

Grabbing the best Apple Watch deal requires a bit of savvy shopping. Here’s how to maximize your chances of scoring a sweet discount:

Timing is Everything: The Power of Sales and Discounts

Staying alert and playing the waiting game can pay serious dividends when it comes to Apple Watch deals. Keep a close eye on the calendar, especially as major holidays or shopping events like Black Friday and Cyber Monday approach.

These are prime periods when big retailers entice shoppers with deep discounts, and that could mean grabbing your dream Apple Watch like I did, at a fraction of the regular price.

Don’t Get Tunnel Vision: Shop Around for the Best Price

The smart shopper casts a wide net when hunting for deals. Never assume that one retailer has the absolute best price.

Dedicate some time to comparing prices between Apple’s online store, tech giants like Amazon, electronics stores like Bing Lee, JB HI-FI and the websites of major carriers.

The effort may uncover surprising price differences or exclusive deals. Sometimes, the best value hides in a less obvious corner of the retail world.

Do note though, that if you want to use your number on the cellular version of the Apple Watch, you need to be with the same provider as your mobile service.

Embrace the Trade-In: Your Old Watch Holds Value

If a dusty older-generation Apple Watch is tucked away, consider dusting it off and turning it into a bargaining chip. Many retailers and carriers offer trade-in programs that can take a significant chunk off the price of a new Apple Watch.

The value of your older device could make a surprisingly big difference in the final cost of your upgrade.

The Perfect Plan: Tailored to Your Needs

Choosing the right Apple Watch plan is about understanding how you intend to use your device and what features matter most to you. Here’s what to consider:

  • Carrier Compatibility and Coverage: A strong mobile signal is crucial, especially with a GPS + Cellular Apple Watch. Research coverage maps from major carriers like Telstra, Optus, or Vodafone to ensure reliable connectivity in your area.
  • International Roaming: If you’re a frequent traveler, look for plans with international roaming options to avoid racking up exorbitant fees when using your Apple Watch abroad.
  • Family Setup and Multi-Device Plans: Apple’s Family Setup feature is a lifesaver for setting up an Apple Watch for kids or older family members without an iPhone. Additionally, if you manage multiple Apple devices, explore consolidated multi-device plans that can offer potential savings by combining your smartwatch and other connected gadgets.

Knowledge is Power

By understanding the different aspects of Apple Watch plans, researching deals, and comparing options, you’re well on your way to finding the perfect combination of savings and connectivity.

Current Apple Watch Series 6 Deals

We’re going to discuss the three major providers and see which are offering great deals if any at all! Let’s get into these provider offerings!

Telstra Apple Watch Deals

Telstra currently has no deals for their Apple Watch range. They ran a promotion that you may have just missed, which was $200 off the Apple Watch Series 9.

This is a great example, of always checking the market and making the right timing with your purchase. Fear not, if you missed this deal and you’re with Telstra, you do have other options.

You can redeem your Telstra Plus points, to knock down the price of an Apple Watch, in the rewards store.

I have 50,000 points, so If I were to redeem those points, I would save around $120 off the purchase price. That’s another great example, of finding a great deal with Telstra.

Optus Apple Watch Deals

Unfortunately, if you are with Optus, we could not find any special offers for the Apple Watches they had in range.

Vodafone Apple Watch Deals

Vodafone did not have any price discounts, however, did advertise the fact that you can get 3 months of complimentary Apple Fitness+ as part of your purchase.

They also had a nice little “trade-in” feature for your old watch during the checkout process, which was incredibly easy to use.


As mentioned, finding Apple Watch deals is quite hard as providers don’t make much for them. So you have to be on your game to find the best deal.

Set reminders to check your providers every week, if you are in the market for a new Apple Watch.


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