Felix Mobile Review – Very Cheap Plans!

Felix Mobile Review

In this review, we are going to deep dive into Felix Mobile, a new provider that offers extremely low prices, I’m talking really low prices.

However, sometimes with low prices, comes a performance drop or low service, so we’ll touch base on whether the cost has impacted the performance.

Felix Mobile offers a straightforward and environmentally conscious solution for those who crave unlimited data and simple billing.

If you prioritize the Vodafone network and carbon-neutral operations, Felix Mobile could be a great fit for you.

It caters to the increasing demand for large data allowances while maintaining a sense of social responsibility.

Felix Mobile

When weighing your options, it’s important to understand both cost and quality of service. Felix Mobile is known for its budget-friendly and environmentally aware approach.

They offer unlimited talk, text, and data without the headache of lock-in contracts, ideal for those seeking commitment-free mobile service.

However, it’s crucial to note that Felix Mobile currently caps data speeds at 20Mbps.

While this may be perfectly suitable for everyday browsing, social media, and music streaming, it could limit high-definition video streaming or intense online gaming.

I’ll get into that a bit later In this article, as it’s a pretty important point to cover. With that said, let’s get into this Felix Mobile Review.

Overview of Felix Mobile

Felix Mobile is an Australian mobile service provider known for its commitment to sustainability and a simple customer experience.

If you’re considering them for your mobile service, you’re looking at a provider that operates as a Vodafone Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO).

This means Felix Mobile uses Vodafone’s network infrastructure to deliver services, and it’s limited to 4G network only.

Your interest in Felix Mobile may hinge on its unique selling proposition, which is its simple plan system, which includes the 25GB, 50GB, and Unlimited Mobile Data Plan.

These plans appeal to users who prefer simplicity and predictability in their monthly phone expenses.

Furthermore, The unlimited data plan initially offered speeds capped at 5Mbps but, recognizing customer needs, Felix Mobile later increased the speed cap to 20Mbps—a move reflected positively in Felix Mobile reviews.

In the arena of ownership, if you’re keen on who stands behind the brand, Felix is owned by TPG and Vodafone, two of Australia’s largest telecommunications companies.

The ownership by a reputable parent company may give you a sense of security and trust in the brand’s longevity and reliability.

Felix Mobile prides itself on being digital and sustainable. When you sign up and manage your services, you’ll find that everything is done online, aiding their eco-friendly ethos by reducing paper waste.

Felix Mobile was founded in 2020, offering a refreshing blend of technology and responsibility towards the planet.

Mobile Plans and Pricing

There approach to mobile plans is straightforward, emphasizing both affordability and sustainability. As you explore their plans, you will encounter a three-plan system.

Plan Options

Felix Mobile started with an ambitious offering: a single “endless” data plan. This plan was notable for its simplicity as it offers unlimited data with a speed cap, currently capped at 20Mbps.

Originally launched with speeds of 5Mbps, Felix Mobile’s commitment to improvements saw an increase to the current speed, striking a balance between cost and performance.

They have now added two additional plans, which are the 25GB & 50GB Plans, bringing the total range of plans to three.

Cost Comparison

Comparing costs, Felix Mobile’s plan is positioned as a cost-effective solution, particularly for individuals who prioritize data availability over raw speed.

Priced at $25, $35 & $40, they offer 25GB, 50GB, and Unlimited Data across the comparison plans. They currently have a half-price offer which brings the plan costs down!

Felix Mobile Plans & Data

Network and Coverage

When considering Felix Mobile for your mobile service provider, understanding the network coverage and technology they employ is essential for your decision.

This section provides a focused look at Felix Mobile’s network provider, the availability of 5G services, and the coverage map.

Network Provider

Felix Mobile operates on the Vodafone 4G mobile network. This partnership ensures that you have access to Vodafone’s established and reliable coverage across Australia.

Your connection is facilitated through a network that is continuously improving and expanding to better serve its customers.

5G Availability

Currently, Felix Mobile does not offer 5G services; their plans include access to Vodafone’s 4G network.

While 5G promises faster speeds and more robust performance, Felix Mobile’s use of the 4G network can still provide adequate speeds for browsing, streaming, and other typical mobile activities.

Being on the 4G network means your speeds are capped at a 20Mbps maximum, but this is sufficient for most mobile users.

Coverage Map

Understanding the reach of the network is crucial, and Felix Mobile provides an interactive coverage map that allows you to check the service in your area.

By utilizing Vodafone’s infrastructure, Felix Mobile offers extensive coverage in metro and many regional areas.

Before choosing Felix Mobile, you’re encouraged to examine this map to ensure their network aligns with your most frequented locations for seamless mobile service.

Customer Service

When considering Felix Mobile, your concerns regarding customer service are valid. Here’s an insightful snapshot of what to expect when you need support or assistance.

Contact Information

Felix Mobile prides itself on simplicity, including how you can contact them. Your primary point of contact is via their mobile app, where customer service is easily accessible.

If you’re looking for a Felix Mobile contact number for direct calls, you might not find one as they emphasize support through their digital channels.

You can use support functions such as Facebook, Instagram, and Live Chat to get in touch, which for some is not ideal.

Customer Support Experience

Customer experiences with Felix Mobile’s support system vary. Some users have reported a positive experience, citing quick and efficient help.

This is evident from user feedback that notes support continues throughout the duration of a Felix Mobile plan, suggesting that Felix is not just about getting you on board but also about maintaining satisfaction.

On the flip side, there have been mentions of non-existent customer support and challenges with indoor coverage.

These accounts highlight frustrations with reaching out for help but not receiving the expected assistance.

As for being legit, Felix Mobile is indeed a legitimate company, so your expectations should be met with professional customer support, even if some users have faced hurdles.

Remember, your experience with Felix Mobile may differ, and the mixed reviews suggest that while some aspects of customer service are praised, others may need improvement.

You can visit Product Review for an in-depth look into how customers are feeling about Felix Mobile.

Compatibility and Devices

When considering Felix Mobile as your provider, it’s essential to understand how it works with various devices, particularly if you’re an Apple Watch user.

With Felix Mobile, you have the convenience of digital eSIM technology, which is a critical factor for seamless connectivity with compatible devices.

Apple Watch Connectivity

If you use an Apple Watch, I have some bad news for you… Felix Mobile SIMs (physical and eSIM) don’t offer an internet connection for a cellular smartwatch.

It does still allow Bluetooth connectivity, however, this could be a deal breaker for some.


Drum roll, please! So all things considered, Felix Mobile does offer great value for the price, $25 for a core plan is a great option for people looking to lower costs.

I am not recommending the plan for regional customers, as traditionally Vodafone does not have the best service in rural areas.

If you live in Metro area, it’s potentially a good option for you, I recommend you use the coverage map before signing up.

The great thing is, that you’re in a no lock-in plan, so if you try it for a few days and hate it, just port out your number to another provider.


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