What Network Does Dodo Use?

Is Dodo Optus Or Telstra

Dodo, the feisty budget-friendly telco, offers a fantastic alternative in the world of Australian mobile plans. But when you sign up with Dodo, understanding which network your phone will be tapping into is essential for making sure you have great coverage. Let’s unravel the mystery!

Many ask, Is Dodo Optus or Telstra, well it’s Optus and has been since 2019.

The Powerhouse Behind Dodo: The Optus Network

Is Dodo Optus Or Telstra

Dodo isn’t a network owner itself. Instead, it’s what’s called an MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator). This means Dodo partners with one of the big telcos to use their network infrastructure. And that big partner? It’s none other than Optus!

Benefits of the Optus Network for Dodo Customers

  • Expansive Coverage: Optus boasts one of Australia’s largest mobile networks, covering around 98.5% of the population. That translates to strong reception whether you’re in bustling cities, regional towns, or even some of those scenic rural spots.
  • Speedy 4G & 5G: With access to Optus’ network, Dodo users can enjoy fast 4G data speeds in supported areas, great for streaming, downloading, and everything in between. Plus, as the 5G network continues rolling out, eligible Dodo customers can tap into those incredible speeds.
  • Reliability: Optus has poured significant investment into their network infrastructure, leading to excellent overall reliability. That means fewer dropped calls and smoother connections when you’re using Dodo services.

Things to Know About Dodo on the Optus Network

  • Complete Access: Dodo customers get access to the full Optus 3G and 4G network, not just a reduced portion. You won’t need to worry about coverage gaps compared to being directly with Optus.
  • Device Compatibility Matters: To have the best experience on the Optus network, ensure your device is compatible with their frequencies.
  • Potential Speed Differences: While Dodo customers theoretically have access to the same speeds as Optus customers, some MVNOs may have traffic prioritization differences during busy periods.

Checking Dodo Coverage in Your Area

Before you sign on the dotted line, the smartest move is to use Dodo’s interactive coverage map. This will visualize how strong the Optus network is right where you live, work, and play.

Should Network Coverage Influence Your Dodo Decision?

Absolutely! While Dodo offers attractively priced plans, your chosen plan won’t matter much if you have spotty coverage. Let’s look at it this way:

  • Metropolitan Dwellers: If you live and work within major cities, the Optus network is likely to provide you with rock-solid coverage. Dodo could be a savvy choice.
  • Regional and Rural Users: Carefully investigate Optus network strength in your region using the coverage map. If the coverage is strong, Dodo remains a good option. If it’s weaker, exploring alternatives might be worthwhile.

The Plans

Dodo offers some competitive plans on the Optus network, typically with high data and strong coverage.

The Verdict

Choosing Dodo means enjoying the vast reach and reliability of the Optus network. Understanding this partnership ensures you’re making an informed decision about your mobile service, giving you the optimal combination of great plans and a stellar connection.


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