Boost Broadband Is On The Way

Boost Broadband

Boost Mobile, the budget-friendly carrier that’s always fighting for its customers, is turning up the heat! They’re stepping into the home internet game with Boost Broadband, offering NBN plans on the Telstra network. This is a major move for Boost, known for their no-frills mobile plans.

Could Boost Broadband bring the same shake-up to your monthly internet bill? We’re betting they’re about to make some serious waves.

Partnership with BTB Australia

Interestingly, Boost has chosen not to partner directly with Telstra for its NBN venture. Instead, they’ve joined forces with BTB Australia, a wholesale telco provider.

This strategic move suggests that Boost Mobile is aiming to carve its own niche in the home broadband market, potentially offering unique pricing and plan structures.

What to Expect from Boost Broadband

Boost Broadband

While details are still emerging, initial information suggests Boost Broadband will likely offer standard NBN speed tiers. There’s also the potential for NBN+ options (FTTP), delivering ultra-fast speeds for power users.

The exact launch timeline is yet to be revealed, but Boost Mobile has indicated it will be “soon.”

Given Boost Mobile’s reputation for value-driven mobile plans, there’s excitement about their potential pricing in the broadband space.

Boost Broadband will likely emphasize competitive pricing and attractive bundles.

Competition and Market Impact

Boost Mobile is a known disruptor in the mobile space, thanks to its pricing and customer-centric approach. They’re likely to bring the same energy to the NBN market.

Boost could put pressure on established NBN providers, forcing them to re-examine their pricing models and customer service levels.

Smaller, budget-friendly providers like Tangerine, and Swoop could see direct competition from Boost.

If Boost can come in, and actually deliver on speeds close to 1GB, they could absolutely take a huge market share of Australian consumers looking for the fastest internet speeds.


Boost Mobile’s entry into the NBN market is an exciting development. Their brand recognition and commitment to affordable plans could be a winning combination.

Only time will tell how big a splash they make, but their potential for success is substantial.


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