Optus Sport Secures FA Cup Rights!

Optus Sport via SubHub

In a significant win for Australian football enthusiasts, Optus Sport has secured the broadcasting rights for the FA Cup.

Optus Sport will take over the FA Cup rights from Paramount Plus, who essentially just provided the streaming, lacking in depth coverage.

This move not only amplifies the platform’s already impressive sports offering but also solidifies its position as a go-to destination for football fans down under.

This acquisition is more than just a new broadcast deal; it’s a strategic enhancement that offers numerous benefits for subscribers.

Unified Viewing Experience

One of the standout benefits of having more competitions on a single platform is the unified viewing experience it provides.

Subscribers would no longer need to juggle multiple subscriptions or switch between different services to catch all the football action.

With Optus Sport, you can enjoy a seamless experience, watching everything from the high-stakes matches of the Premier League to the dramatic knockouts of the FA Cup, all in one place now.

We’ve already discussed the impressive UEFA Euro & Copa America coverage, and with the FA Cup now on Optus Sport, we can expect an enhanced experience.

Boost for Local Football Culture

Having more competitions on one platform also plays a vital role in nurturing the local football culture.

It creates a single hub where fans can engage, discuss, and immerse themselves in the sport.

This sense of community is essential for growing the fanbase and fostering a deeper connection with the game.

One of the biggest frustration Aussie viewers have, is that they need 3 or 4 different subscriptions to watch International football.

For example, you currently need Optus Sport for the Premier League, Stan Sport for the UEFA club competitions and prior to this announcement, Paramount Plus for the FA Cup.

Future Prospects For Optus Sport

The acquisition of the FA Cup rights positions Optus Sport favourably for future growth.

Imagine if they could pick up the UEFA rights again, as Stan Sports coverage has not been received well amongst Aussie football fans.

It would also validate any future price rises that Optus Sport may deliver, as an enhanced offering of competitions would delight many.

As it continues to expand its portfolio, the platform is likely to attract an even broader audience, cementing its status as the premier destination for football in Australia.

This move could also prompt other broadcasters to step up their game or ultimately, not try and compete with Optus Sport who are smashing it with football.


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