Expect Your Telcos to Get More Expensive

What You Can Do To Save Money - Telco Price Increase

Brace yourself, as the cost of your telco services is set to rise again. Both Exetel and Superloop have announced price hikes, following the lead of the wholesale NBN price increase.

As Australians grapple with the ever-increasing cost of living, this adds another financial burden to already stretched household budgets.

Rising Costs Across the Board In Telco

Exetel, Superloop and Telstra are among some telcos to adjust their pricing in response to the new NBN wholesale charges.

Exetel has indicated that their customers will see an increase in their monthly bills, a move that’s mirrored by Superloop.

These changes are set to roll out in the coming months, impacting users across various plans.

The NBN Co, which is responsible for the national broadband network, has raised its wholesale prices, citing the need to invest in network upgrades and improvements.

This increase has forced telcos to pass on the additional costs to consumers. Unfortunately, this trend is unlikely to be isolated to just Exetel and Superloop.

Other providers are expected to follow suit, as they too grapple with the increased wholesale costs.

The Bigger Picture: Cost of Living and Inflation

For many Australians, this is just another hit in a series of financial blows. The cost of living has been on a steady rise, with inflation affecting everything from groceries to fuel.

The addition of higher telco bills only adds to the strain on household budgets. With wages not keeping pace with inflation, families are finding it harder to make ends meet.

Increased telco costs mean that everyday Australians will have to make tough choices about their internet and mobile services.

For some, this might mean downgrading their plans or even cutting back on usage, which can have significant implications on service quality.

Not Just NBN!

The price increases we’ve seen in recent months, is not purely just based on the NBN lifting prices, but also just general cost of living pressures.

As the costs of things go up for people, the same can be said for business, which they ultimately pass back on to the customer in the long run.

What You Can Do To Save Money

While the price hikes seem inevitable, there are a few steps you can take to mitigate their impact:

  1. Shop Around: With competition still fierce among telcos, it’s worth looking at different providers to find a better deal that suits your needs.
  2. Review Your Plan: Assess whether you’re using all the features of your current plan. Downgrading to a plan that better matches your usage could save you money.
  3. Bundle Services: Some providers offer discounts if you bundle multiple services like internet and mobile plans together.
  4. Use A Price Calculator: You can use our Tech X Telco Calculator to discover how much you can save yearly by changing plans.

In conclusion, while the rising costs of telco services are unavoidable for many, being proactive in managing your plan and shopping around can help ease the financial burden.

As Australians continue to navigate the challenges of rising living costs, every little bit of savings can make a difference.


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