Hubbl Joins Forces with Vodafone to Revolutionise Streaming for Australian Customers

Hubbl Vodafone

In an exciting development for streaming enthusiasts, Hubbl, a prominent streaming provider, has announced a new partnership with Vodafone Australia.

This collaboration aims to deliver a superior streaming experience for Vodafone customers, enhancing their access to a wide range of entertainment options.

Exclusive Streaming Perks for Vodafone Customers

The partnership between Hubbl and Vodafone introduces a unique offering for customers looking to maximize their streaming services.

Vodafone customers can now enjoy six months of free access to Binge, a leading streaming service, when they add the Hubbl device to their plan for just $4.12 per month over 24 months.

This innovative device integrates seamlessly with existing Vodafone services, providing users with a comprehensive entertainment solution.

Streamlined Entertainment with Hubbl Device

The Hubbl device, at the centre of this partnership, offers a range of features designed to improve the streaming experience.

For a nominal monthly fee, customers gain access to a versatile streaming device that supports a multitude of services, including Binge.

This device is a game-changer, making it easier than ever for Vodafone customers to access high-quality content across various platforms.

Vodafone’s Strategic Move into Streaming

With this newly minted partnership, Vodafone joins the ranks of major Australian telcos with a significant presence in the streaming market.

This move not only aligns Vodafone with industry giants such as Telstra and Optus but also establishes it as a key player in the streaming sector.

For instance, Telstra owns a majority stake in Fetch TV, a popular streaming service, while Optus offers its subscription-bundling SubHub platform.

Now, with Vodafone’s partnership with Hubbl and Binge, the company solidifies its position in the competitive streaming world, finally offering a comprehensive streaming product to its customers.

Benefits of the Partnership

This exciting partnership between Hubbl and Vodafone brings a host of benefits to customers, significantly enhancing their overall streaming experience.

One of the standout advantages is the cost-effective streaming option. For just $4.12 per month, Vodafone customers can add the Hubbl device to their plan, gaining access to a versatile and powerful streaming solution.

Not only that, but this fee also includes six months of free access to Binge, a leading streaming service, offering significant value and making high-quality entertainment more accessible than ever.

How To Add Hubbl To Your Vodafone Plan

To add Hubbl to your Vodafone plan, simply head to the website and place your order, adding Hubbl on the accessories options.

Hubbl Vodafone Sign Up

If you are already with Vodafone and want to add Hubbl, simply contact Vodafone and they should be able to put a accessory repayment option on your plan.


The partnership between Hubbl and Vodafone is a game-changer for streaming services in Australia.

With an affordable and all-in-one solution for accessing top-notch content, this collaboration offers fantastic value for Vodafone customers.

As the streaming world keeps developing, deals like this are reshaping how Aussies enjoy entertainment, making top-quality content more accessible across more providers.

In short, Vodafone customers can get excited about a boosted streaming experience with the Hubbl device and six months of free Binge access.

It’s a clear sign of Vodafone’s dedication to bringing innovative and value-packed services to its users, after years of limited product offerings.


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