Paramount Plus In Australia: All You Need To Know!

Paramount Plus

Get ready, Aussie viewers! Paramount Plus is making waves in the streaming world, shaking things up with its mix of movies, shows, and even live sports.

Formerly known as 10 All Access, this upgraded service launched in 2021 and aims to grab your attention with its simple pricing and tons of content.

Pricing: Refreshingly Straightforward

Paramount Plus Pricing

Tired of comparing endless streaming plans? Paramount Plus keeps it easy with just two subscription offers. Both plans come with a 7 day free trial to test the product and the core differences between the plans are simply streaming quality and number of devices.

Give it a Whirl: The Free Trial

Not sure if Paramount Plus is for you? They get it. That’s why they offer a 7-day free trial to let you test-drive the service. Explore their movies, shows, and sports coverage before you commit. It’s a pretty sweet deal!

If at anytime during the 7 day free trial you cancel, you will not be charged.

Paramount Plus Movies

So, what’s actually ON Paramount Plus? Well they have movies, shows, sports and live news, but here a further scoop:

  • Movie Buffs: Get your popcorn ready! You’ll find big franchises like Transformers and Mission Impossible, plus a mix of classics and newer blockbusters.
  • TV Binge Time: Paramount Plus is all about those exclusives! Check out originals like Yellowjackets, The Offer, and The Gilded Age – you won’t find these anywhere else.
  • Sports Fans, Rejoice! This is where Paramount Plus gets interesting. They offer live sports streaming, which is pretty unique among Aussie streaming services. Catch A-League matches and host of Sports docos.

If you want to view the full range of paramount plus movies, just click here

Stream Quality and Experience

When it comes to stream quality and experience, Paramount Plus ensures that live sports streaming is delivered in high definition. Subscribers can expect:

  • Resolution: Up to 4K UHD
  • Compatibility: Streaming across multiple devices including Smart TVs, consoles, and mobile devices
  • User Interface: Intuitive and smooth navigation

The service strives for minimal buffering and seamless transitions between live and on-demand content. We did come across slight lag during the sports streaming.

Paramount Plus App – User Experience and Interface

Let’s be honest, no one likes using a clunky app. So, how user-friendly is Paramount Plus?

The good news is, finding stuff to watch is pretty painless. The app has clear categories for movies, shows, sports, you name it.

Plus, there’s that big search bar at the top – it’s not just for show! You can search titles, actors…even search vague stuff like “funny sci-fi” and see what pops up.

Family-Friendly Features

Got kids? Paramount Plus gives you control over what they see. Here’s how:

  • PIN Power: Set up a PIN to keep little ones out of the grown-up stuff.
  • Kid Profiles: Create separate profiles just for your little viewers, and set age restrictions to keep them watching only the age-appropriate shows and movies.

The Paramount Plus app seems designed to be as hassle-free as possible. Finding movies and shows is easy, the parental controls are decent, and they offer multiple ways to get help if you need it. It may not be the fanciest app out there, but it gets the job done!

When Things Get Glitchy: Getting Help

Even the best apps have their moments. Paramount Plus gives you a few ways to get help:

  • Help Center: This is basically their FAQ section, good for common issues.
  • Live Chat: Need an answer fast? Try this on their website.
  • Contact Form: Fill this out for more detailed questions.
  • The Tweet Method: Paramount Plus is on Twitter (@AskParamount) and they sometimes can help there, too.

To ensure effective resolution of their concerns, customers should provide clear and specific information when they reach out. Paramount Plus’s customer support aims to be responsive and helpful, prioritising a positive user experience.

Contact MethodDetails
Online Help CenterSelf-service support
Live ChatInstant assistance
Contact FormDirect inquiries
Social MediaTwitter: @AskParamount

For urgent matters, it is usually best to use the live chat or social media channels for quicker responses. The online help center is a valuable first step for more general questions or troubleshooting common issues.

Paramount Plus has tailored its support to provide solutions that ensure uninterrupted streaming access to its Australian users.

Pricing and Plans Comparative Analysis

When comparing streaming services in Australia, Paramount Plus emerges as a competitively priced option. They offer a Standard plan at $9.99 per month, which includes 1080p HD streaming and the ability to watch on two screens at once.

For those seeking more, the Premium plan is available at $13.99 per month, delivering access to additional viewing privileges.

Users who prefer an up-front payment can opt for the annual subscription. The Standard plan is priced at $89.99 per year, which breaks down to roughly $7.49 per month ─ offering a 15% savings compared to the monthly rate.

Comparatively, the Premium Plan’s annual option stands at $124.00 per year.

Here’s a brief comparative analysis:

PlanMonthly CostAnnual CostPer Month (Annual)HD StreamingScreens
Premium$13.99$124.00Not specifiedHigher qualityMore

Paramount Plus not only offers affordability but also a seven-day free trial for new customers, granting prospective subscribers a chance to evaluate the service.

In the broader Australian market, this service’s entry point is less expensive than Netflix’s basic, ad-free plan—starting at $16.99 per month—making it one of the more budget-friendly options for the discerning viewer.

Paramount Plus’s Future

Interested in Paramount Plus Australia? The cost of Paramount Plus in Australia is currently $8.99 AUD per month or $89.99 AUD annually for a Paramount+ subscription.

There are no additional Paramount fees beyond the standard subscription cost. Before signing up, explore what does Paramount Plus have to ensure their available content justifies the price.

You might also find special Paramount+ Australia cost promotions or bundles through various providers.

Paramount Plus stands out by focusing on a strong library of exclusive originals and the promise of new, compelling Australian drama series set to premiere in 2024.

This investment in local content is expected to not only enrich the platform’s offerings but also to resonate with Australian audiences looking for stories closer to home.


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