Telstra 101 Messagebank – A Quick Guide

101 Messagebank and Voicemail

Managing your voicemails effectively ensures that you never miss an important message, and Telstra’s 101 MessageBank service offers a convenient solution for staying on top of your communication needs.

With 101 MessageBank, you’ll experience a personalized answering service that’s easy to set up and manage. It’s designed to answer calls when your line is busy, or when you can’t get to the phone, providing a personal touch for your callers by greeting them with your recorded message.

101 Messagebank

Understanding how to navigate and utilize 101 MessageBank will give you the freedom to access your messages at your leisure, whether you are away from your phone or engaged in another call.

When you dial 101 from your handset, you’ll be guided step-by-step through the process of recording your greeting and setting a PIN for secure access.

This system not only allows you to receive messages when unable to answer but also offers the flexibility to retrieve them from any phone, simply by entering your PIN.

To ensure you can always hear from those trying to reach you, setting up your 101 MessageBank is a proactive step towards better communication.

It’s a user-friendly service that caters to both personal and business needs, making sure you’re informed and connected without the need for complex technology or equipment.

With your own unique greeting and effortless retrieval process, you’ll have a reliable method to catch every call’s content, whether you’re in the comfort of your home or on the move.

Setting Up 101 Messagebank

Setting up Telstra’s 101 MessageBank provides you with a convenient voicemail service, ensuring you never miss important calls. It’s an easy process to activate and customize.

Activating Messagebank 101

To activate your MessageBank, you simply need to dial 101 from your Telstra handset. Upon first calling 101, you’ll be guided through a setup process.

During this setup, you’ll create a personal greeting for callers and set up a personal identification number (PIN), which secures your voicemail box.

If you’re calling from a phone other than your own, you’ll need this PIN to access your voicemail messages. For more detailed instructions, visit the Telstra MessageBank setup page.

Using Messagebank Features

After setting up your MessageBank, accessing and using its features is straightforward:

  • To listen to messages: Dial 101 and follow the voice prompts to hear your voicemails.
  • To manage greetings: Call 101 and choose the option to change your greeting to personalize your MessageBank further.

Your voicemail settings can also be turned on or off directly from your device. For specific device instructions, you can go to Telstra’s MessageBank Service page.

Additionally, for customers connected to the nbn™ network or Digital Office Technology (DOT), the process might differ slightly, and detailed information is available on the provided Telstra support pages.

Troubleshooting and Managing

In this section, you’ll find solutions for common issues with 101 Messagebank and guidance on how to disable the service if you no longer require it.

When Messagebank Isn’t Working

If you’ve dialed 101 and your Messagebank service isn’t working as expected, first check for network issues or service outages that could be affecting your connection.

If there’s no wider issue, attempt to reset your Messagebank by turning it off and on again. For step-by-step instructions, visit Setup and manage Messagebank – Telstra.

If problems persist, contacting Telstra for direct support may be necessary.

Disabling Messagebank 101

When you decide it’s time to turn off Messagebank 101, the process is straightforward:

  • Open the My Telstra app
  • Go to Services and select your service
  • Tap on Menu or the three vertical dots
  • Choose Manage your MessageBank

For more detailed guidance on the deactivation process, refer to Setup and manage MessageBank – Telstra. This will remove the voicemail service, preventing it from taking messages when you can’t answer the phone.


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