Honest Opinion On AGL NBN Internet Plans

AGL NBN Internet Plans

Ugh, not another Internet provider… just kidding, The more providers the better, as it creates an incredibly competitive marketplace, where you benefit with low costs.

So with that said, let’s get into a deep dive into AGL NBN Internet Plans and whether or not you should make the switch, and what you get for doing so.

AGL NBN Internet Plans

With AGL, you can align your energy services with your internet, potentially unlocking discounts that sweeten the deal.

If you’re already an AGL energy customer, the synergy between the services can offer savings on monthly fees, and the joy of having a consolidated bill.

Furthermore, the flexibility to add a home phone service to your internet plan taps into the convenience some crave.

AGL’s offerings are worth a glance, and who knows, you might just find the plan that feels like it matches your needs.

Exploring AGL NBN Plans

When considering a new internet service provider, AGL’s array of NBN plans are hard to ignore, especially with their incentives for bundling with their energy services.

Let’s dive in and see what options and perks await you as a potential AGL customer.

Plan Options and Pricing

AGL offers a range of NBN plans tailored to a wide range of needs. You can choose the Home Fast plan, which currently includes a promotional discount if you’re also an AGL energy customer.

You might find yourself saving $35 off every month for six months. After this period, you still get a lasting discount of $15 monthly.

It’s also noteworthy that these plans come with no lock-in contracts, giving you the flexibility to change or cancel your plan without hefty fees.

Dont stress! I’ll attach the plans below for you to see the value.

Internet Speeds and Availability

AGL’s 5 NBN Internet Plans, range from $69 to $129 and cover all speed tiers. Their offerings revolve around the NBN 50 and NBN 100 plans, suitable for both smaller households and larger, data-hungry ones.

Availability will depend on your location and the type of NBN technology available to you, such as FTTP, FTTC, FTTN, HFC, or FTTB. It’s easy to check your address on their website to find out what’s available to you.

Moreover, with the option to bring your modem (BYO Modem) or choose an AGL modem like the eero, which is known for its reliable performance, you’re equipped to make the most of your chosen internet speeds.

Additional AGL Services

When you’re exploring internet options, AGL doesn’t just stop at offering NBN. They’ve got some nifty extras that can sweeten the deal, especially if you’re already getting your energy from them.

The nbn plans are designed to get you to also switch to the energy plans, as the price for the standalone service, is quite high.

Bundling with Energy Plans – AGL Netflix Plan

If you’re already with AGL for your energy needs, hooking up with their NBN plans could score you some cool perks. Think of it as a high-five for being loyal.

They offer what’s called an Energy Bundle Discount when you combine your AGL Energy Plan with an AGL NBN plan. So, if you’ve got your gas and electricity ticking over with AGL, bundling these with your NBN can give your wallet a little breather every month.

Plus, having just one provider to deal with is super convenient. They also have this AGL Netflix Plan that is hugely popular in their energy plans and can easily bundled with an Internet plan.

Customer Benefits and Support

AGL makes sure you’re kitted out with all the support and tech you need.

When you sign on for an AGL NBN plan, they’ll hook you up with a modem that’s ready to roll with high speeds and steady typical evening speeds—great for streamers and gamers alike.

Also, because life’s unpredictable, they’ve made sure there’s no lock-in contract and no set-up fees, so you’re not stuck if your plans change or if you hate the service.

With AGL, your loyalty nets you little extras like Netflix or other entertainment perks through the AGL app.

And, if you’re the talkative type or need to touch base with family overseas, you can add call packs for a set price each month.

AGL Telco Conclusion

Overall, if you are with AGL already or plan to join the electricity and gas, then I would strongly recommend joining, simply due to the consolidation and perks.

If you’re looking at joining as a standalone customer, I wouldn’t join, strictly based on the pricing, as you can get similar value for much less.


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