More Telecom NBN: Terrific Service, Terrific NBN?

Choosing an internet plan in Australia can feel like an overwhelming expedition. Amidst the flashy deals and big-name providers, one smaller player stands out with its commitment to simplicity and affordability: More Telecom.

If value for money and uncomplicated plans are high on your priority list, More Telecom might be just the guide you need.

We’ll explore some of the best More Telecom NBN plans and also review their outstanding customer service reputation.

More Telecom: Who Are They?

Based in Melbourne, More Telecom is an internet service provider and mobile provider that extends NBN, ADSL2+, and mobile plans nationwide.

Setting themselves apart from the telecom heavyweights, they champion a straightforward strategy, prioritizing affordable core internet services.

Despite not enjoying widespread recognition, More Telecom has garnered a devoted fan base by prioritizing reliable service and affordability.

More Telecom NBN Plans: Keeping it Simple

When it comes to NBN plans, More Telecom keeps things refreshingly straightforward. They offer three main speed tiers and 6 total tiers:

The overall selection of plans are good, the entry level plan is more expensive than most, that said, it’s still cheap and you know the service will be quality.

More Telecom Internet – Simplicity Works

What I really like about More Telecom is their transparency. You won’t find a bunch of confusing bundles or hidden extras that mysteriously inflate your bill.

With them, what you see is what you get – a welcome change in a market saturated with “special offers.”

The actual ordering process online was incredibly easy, from adding your modem, to calling packs, everything was disclosed and easy to follow.

Core Plan Features

A significant perk with More Telecom’s NBN plans is unlimited data across all speeds. Say goodbye to worrying about data limits or surprise overage charges – browse, stream, and download to your heart’s content!

This is a major plus for heavy internet users or families with lots of screen time.

Along with Unlimited Data, all of More Telecom’s NBN plans are offered on a month-to-month basis, giving you the freedom to switch it up if you find a better deal or your needs change.

This flexibility is fantastic for renters or those who enjoy shopping around for the best price.

More Telecom Customer Service Excellence

More Telecom have an incredible online reputation, which is typically not the case for telecom providers, due to so many outside factors.

They have a 4.8 rating on Google Reviews from over 4,800 reviews as well as a Product Review score of 4.1 from 1,110 reviews.

The key call outs, is that customer feel that the support they get is to a really high standard. They discuss how things are clear and explained in a way they understand.

Props to More Telecom on the training and development of their customer service team, who clearly shows great attention to detail.

Should You Get NBN From More Telecom?

Overall, More Telecom’s NBN plans offer fantastic value, especially if you crave unlimited data, a simple plan, and no contract commitments.

Their focus on affordability and terrific customer service reputation, should fill you with some confidence in making the switch to their nbn services.

I’d strongly recommend you give them a try and if you’re a Commbank customer, you can also get an additional 20% off nbn plans for 12 months followed by a 10% discount for as long as you are with them.


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