Fetch TV Announces New CEO Amid Competitive Pressure from Hubbl

Fetch TV Hubbl

After 15 years of strong leadership, Scott Lorson, CEO of Fetch TV, is stepping down.

Lorson’s tenure saw Fetch TV rise from a disruptor to an industry leader in content aggregation, establishing strong partnerships and delivering exceptional value to customers.

Taking over the reins on July 1st is Dominic Arena, a seasoned industry veteran with extensive experience at Telstra and of course, Fetch TV itself.

Arena’s appointment signifies Fetch TV’s ongoing commitment to growth and innovation, with the company now set for a new future.

The Challenge Ahead: Competing with Hubbl

The change comes at a critical juncture, as Fetch TV faces fierce competition from Hubbl, a newcomer making waves in the market with its sleek design, vast content library, and advanced personalization features.

That said, I believe that Fetch is overall the better product, simply needing a more improved facelift.

Strategic Focus Areas for Fetch TV

Under Dominic Arena’s leadership, Fetch TV needs to adjust to Hubbl coming in, and absolutely taking over thousands of customers.

Here are some key areas I believe Fetch TV need to address:

  1. Content Expansion: Fetch TV must continuously expand its content offerings, securing exclusive deals and partnerships to provide unique and compelling content.
  2. Technological Innovation: Investing in advanced technologies, such as AI-driven recommendations and enhanced streaming capabilities, will be crucial to meet and exceed consumer expectations.
  3. Marketing and Branding: Fetch TV should revamp its marketing strategies to emphasize its unique features and superior content offerings, ensuring it remains a top choice for potential customers.
  4. Strategic Partnerships: Forming alliances with content creators, technology providers, and other industry players can strengthen Fetch TV’s market position and drive innovation.

The reason I listed those areas as opportunities, is because with Hubbl entering the market, it’s allowed us to take a step back and review both products side by side.

Hubbl does have some great features and an expanding app library, but Fetch TV still has some terrific features itself.

However, Innovation is clearly needed, when Hubbl has products such as Hubbl Glass, even if Innovation isn’t on the cards, a strong marketing campaign in my opinion would help.

Final Thoughts

With Arena’s extensive experience and strategic vision, Fetch TV is well-positioned to adapt the competitive Aussie streaming scene.

While the challenge from Hubbl is significant, Fetch TV’s proactive approach and strategic initiatives under Arena’s leadership promise a bright future for the company.


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