Vir Inder Nath Appointed VP as Amaysim Expands into nbn Home Internet

Amaysim VP Change

In a calculated effort to strengthen its growth strategy, Amaysim has named Vir Inder Nath as its new Vice President.

Nath, with his extensive background in the telecommunications industry, is poised to be instrumental in guiding Amaysim to new levels of success.

Let’s explore how this appointment will lead Amaysim moving forward:

A Vision for Growth

Amaysim’s CEO, Peter O’Connell, expressed his excitement over Nath’s appointment, highlighting the company’s ambitious growth plans.

“We are thrilled to welcome Vir Inder Nath to our leadership team.

His extensive experience and innovative mindset align perfectly with our vision for the future,” O’Connell stated.

Nath’s appointment is seen as a significant step in Amaysim’s strategy to expand its market presence and service offerings.

Nath will also lead the Coles Mobile, and Catch Connect brands, who also fall under the Optus profile of brands.

Amaysim Entering the Home Internet Market

One of the most exciting aspects of Amaysim’s expansion strategy is its move into the Home Internet category.

With plans to offer nbn Home Internet services, Amaysim aims to provide comprehensive connectivity solutions to Aussie households.

This move marks a significant diversification from its traditional mobile service offerings, positioning Amaysim as a versatile player in the telecommunications market.

Nath’s role will be crucial in driving this new venture.

His experience in managing large-scale operations and his understanding of the telecommunications landscape will be instrumental in ensuring the successful launch and growth of Amaysim’s nbn Home Internet services.

“The home internet market presents a tremendous opportunity for Amaysim,” Nath said. “I am excited to be part of this journey and look forward to delivering value and connectivity to our customers.”

Strengthening The Amaysim Market Position

Amaysim’s expansion into the nbn Home Internet sector is a strategic move to strengthen its market position and diversify its revenue streams.

The company has been known for its competitive mobile plans and exceptional customer service, and it now aims to replicate this success in the home internet space.

We did a network review of Amaysim, earlier this year and we were incredibly happy with the overall network performance and process.

So with Amaysim now entering the Home Market, it’s going to be great to see the amazing bundle deals and service they will provide.

Amaysim’s strong market position makes this an ideal time to enter the fixed-nbn category.

With over 1.5 million customers and one of the lowest TIO complaint rates in the telco industry, the company is well-equipped for this expansion.


The appointment of Vir Inder Nath comes at a time when Amaysim is poised for significant growth.

With the telecommunications industry constantly evolving, Nath’s leadership is expected to bring fresh perspectives and innovative strategies to the company.

His focus will be on enhancing customer experience, expanding service offerings, and driving operational efficiencies.

Amaysim’s move into the nbn Home Internet market shows their drive to innovate and grow.

With expansion plans in full swing, customers can expect even more services and better connectivity options down the line.

Amaysim is clearly looking to the future, and after establishing themselves as a great mobile option, I’m sure they will succeed in the Fixed space too.


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