Vodafone Sweetens the Deal: $9 Off SIM Only Plans for a Limited Time

Vodafone June Deals

Vodafone Australia is offering a substantial $9 discount on all their SIM only plans until the end of June, making their already attractive plans even more competitive.

This discount remains valid for as long as customers retain their plan, providing enduring savings.

The Offer Details

Vodafone’s SIM only plans are known for their flexibility and value, and this discount makes them even more enticing.

For example, the $49 plan now offers 50GB of data, and with the $9 discount, it makes it one of the most competitive offers on the market.

This plan is perfect for heavy data users who want a reliable network without breaking the bank.

Vodafone Student International Calls Offer

Vodafone is sweetening the deal even further for students with international call offers, making it a breeze to stay connected with loved ones overseas.

This is a major perk for international students looking for affordable ways to keep in touch.

Here’s the breakdown:

  • Small Plan: Unlimited international texts, and students get unlimited calls to Zone 1 countries (such as USA, UK, and many European countries).
  • Medium & Large Plans: Unlimited international calls and texts to Zone 1, plus 300 minutes to Zone 2 – even if you’re not a student!

To see the full list of countries included in each zone, check out the link below.

Long-Term Savings

One of the standout features of this promotion is that the $9 discount is not just a one-time deal, it’s valid for the duration of the plan.

This means customers can enjoy ongoing savings month after month, making it a smart long-term choice for budget-conscious consumers.

Use our Telco calculator, to check out any potential savings from dropping your mobile plans!


Vodafone’s $9 discount on SIM only plans, combined with generous data allowances and student offers, positions it as a leading option for consumers looking for value and reliability.

With plans like $40 for 50GB, Vodafone is setting a high bar in the competitive mobile plan market.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity—take advantage of Vodafone’s offer before it ends in June.

For more details, visit Vodafone’s SIM Only Plans.


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