Survey Reveals 68% of Aussies Are Potentially Eyeing New Mobile Providers, As Costs Soar

Tech X Telco Survey Results

In a recent survey conducted by, a significant 68% of respondents indicated that they are potentially considering switching mobile providers in the coming months.

Around 35% will “definitely” switch providers in the coming months, while 33% are on the fence, and actively looking at new deals.

This finding highlights a growing dissatisfaction with current mobile plans and suggests a potential shift in the Australian telecommunications market toward MVNO providers.

It’s also important to note, that even with general satisfaction towards mobile plan cost, the cost of living in Australia, is further exacerbating pressures to change providers.

Survey Key Findings

TechXTelco Source – 473 Respondents via – Survey analysed consumer satisfaction across Mobile, Internet and Streaming services in Australia. TechXTelco©2024

1. Intent to Switch Providers In The Coming Months

  • 68% of respondents are considering switching providers in the coming months. This high percentage indicates a notable level of dissatisfaction among current mobile users and suggests that many are actively seeking better options.
  • 35% said they will definitely switch provider, citing cost and value as significant reasons as to why
  • 33% said they are considering switching providers in the coming months, explaining price as a key issue.

2. Average Satisfaction with Mobile Plan Costs

  • The average satisfaction score for mobile plan costs was 6.14/10. This moderate score reflects a general dissatisfaction with the cost of mobile plans, with many users feeling that they are not getting value for their money.
  • That said, the overall cost of living in Australia, is also further exacerbating consumer sentiment.

3. Monthly Mobile Plan Costs

  • Respondents reported an average monthly cost of $129.00 for their mobile plans. This relatively high cost further underscores the dissatisfaction with mobile plan pricing and may be a driving factor behind the high intent to switch providers.
  • The average amount of services, across survey respondents was 2 services. This was the amount of services “paying for”.

4. Long Term Customers Looking To Switch

  • Over 56% of respondents had been with their provider for “more than a year”, with 80% considering a switch in the coming months.
  • Of the survey respondents who recently changed providers in the last 3 months, nearly 90% said they would not change provider.

Implications for the Telecommunications Industry

The survey results suggest several implications for mobile service providers in Australia:

  • Market Opportunity for New Entrants: The high percentage of users considering switching providers presents a significant opportunity for new entrants to capture market share by offering more competitive pricing and better value.
  • Need for Competitive Pricing: The average satisfaction score and high monthly costs indicate that current providers need to reassess their pricing strategies to retain customers and reduce churn.
  • Price First: The number one indicator across respondents was price, followed by plan values such as “Large Data Allowances” and “Unlimited Calls”.
  • Focus on Customer Satisfaction: Providers must prioritize customer satisfaction, particularly in terms of pricing and value, to maintain their customer base and attract new users.

Methodology in Detail

To ensure our survey results are robust and representative, we used post-stratification, a common survey method.

This technique involves adjusting the survey results to account for demographic characteristics such as age, gender, and location.

By weighting the responses to match the demographic profile of the broader population, we can provide more accurate and reliable insights into customer attitudes and behaviours.

Method: We surveyed 473 Australians using Jotform, gathering insights on their Mobile, Internet, and Streaming Providers. Our questions focused on pricing, overall satisfaction, key plan features, and more.


The survey results from reveal a significant intent among Australians to switch mobile providers, driven by dissatisfaction with current pricing, cost of living and perceived value.

With 68% of respondents considering a change, and an average satisfaction score of 6.14/10 for mobile plan costs, it is clear that the telco industry is an open market, with many looking to change.


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