Best Cheap NBN Plans on the Market in 2024

Cheap NBN Plans

Drowning in a sea of NBN plans? From budget-friendly options to super-charged packages, finding the right fit in 2024 can feel overwhelming. Let’s chart a course to the perfect plan for you!

It’s essential to compare the available options based on factors such as speed, data allowance, price, and any additional features that providers might bundle.

So, with that said, let’s get into the vast list of NBN providers and plans.

Cheap NBN Plans

Comparing NBN Plan Types and Providers

When exploring your options for an NBN plan, the performance and reliability vary across different providers and plan types, with each offering distinct benefits depending on your internet needs.

Essentially, your nbn service type may impact our experience.

Understanding NBN Speed Tiers

NBN offers a range of speed tiers suited to different usage patterns, so it’s important to choose one that matches your online activities.

  • NBN 12 (Basic speed) – Suitable for basic use.
  • NBN 25 (Standard speed) – Ideal for everyday streaming and use.
  • NBN 50 and NBN 100 (High speed) – Best for families and multiple users.
  • NBN 250 and NBN 1000 (Ultra-high speed) – For intensive use and smart homes.

Choosing the Right Provider For Cheap NBN Plans

Your choice of provider can affect your overall internet experience. Major providers like Telstra and Optus offer comprehensive plans alongside quality customer service.

However, they are typically more expensive than the MVNO providers.

Providers like TPG, Exetel, and SpinTel can offer competitively priced plans that may align with your budget needs.

Types of NBN Connections

NBN utilizes a mix of technology to connect your home to the internet, here a just a few, for a full list, head over to our nbn hub.

  • FTTP (Fibre to the Premises): A direct fibre optic connection to your home, providing high performance.
  • HFC (Hybrid Fibre Coaxial): Utilizes existing ‘pay TV’ or cable networks, offering high-speed capabilities.
  • Other Technologies: Including FTTN (Fibre to the Node), FTTB (Fibre to the Building), and FTTC (Fibre to the Curb), which rely on a combination of fibre optic cables and existing copper lines.

Unfortunately, you don’t have a choice in the tech type available at your home, if you are on a bad technology type, look into the nbn fibre upgrades or 5G alternatives.

Cheap NBN Plans

For many in the current economy, finding a cheap nbn plan is a huge goal to further save money, here is a list of some of the cheapest nbn plans on the market.

This list is exclusive to unlimited data, as in the technology age, data is used more than ever and unlimited is a must.

The plans that are the cheapest are typically on the slowest speed tiers and designed for more older users who may not really use the internet.

Best Value NBN Plans

Many consumers are also after some of the best value plans in the market as opposed to cheap nbn plans, so what does value mean? It means speed, service, add-ons and more that you telco gives you for being a customer.

Here are some of the best value plans on the market.

When looking at the best value, take a look at some of these offers, I recommend you visit each provider and see what they’re offering at the time.

As of the 16th of March, 2024, there are some great deals out there.

For example, Origin NBN are offering 1 year of Paramount Plus along with Origin points, Optus are offering an Amazon Echo for $1 along with the standard modems with sim back ups.

Telstra are offering a 6 month discount, Superloop are giving a free speedboost… So many great offers, take a look and choose the one that is best for you.

Plans for Light vs. Heavy Users

Light Users: If you primarily use the internet for browsing and emails, NBN 50 plans, with speeds up to 50Mbps, are suitable and cost-effective. These plans offer enough bandwidth for occasional streaming on services like Netflix.

Heavy Users and Large Households: For those who indulge in high-definition streaming, online gaming, or have multiple users simultaneously online, NBN 100 (100/20Mbps), NBN 250, and even NBN 1000 plans ensure fast speeds and seamless performance.

An unlimited data plan is recommended to avoid data caps that could throttle your speeds once exceeded, that said, 95% of plans include unlimited data.

Contract Flexibility and Trial Periods

No Lock-In Contract: Month-to-month plans offer the most flexibility, allowing you to switch providers or plans without facing early termination fees.

Free Trials and Trial Periods: Some providers might offer free trials or discounted rates for the first few months.

These trial periods allow you to test the service to ensure it meets your speed and performance expectations before fully committing.

Selecting the right plan involves weighing your specific internet needs against the flexibility offered by the provider.

This balance will provide continued satisfaction with your NBN service.


In summary, there are some amazing plans on the market, find what you want out of a provider, if you want service and rewards programs, Telstra is a great choice, if you want cheap plans, MATE and Dodo are great picks.

Remember too, if you choose a provider and the service is lacking, so many are non-contract which gives you the power to change providers again.

If NBN is poor in your location such as Sky Muster, consider alternatives like 5G Home Internet or Starlink for more reliable services.

5G Home Internet is sometimes much faster than traditional broadband but is harder to acquire as the 5G rollout is still continuing.


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