How To Cancel Vodafone Plans

Cancel Vodafone

While signing up for mobile, internet, or bundled services is often a breeze, canceling can be far less straightforward.

We’ve heard countless times from our readers, on how they’ve spent hours on the phone trying to cancel plans, so we’ve put together another guide.

When it comes to Vodafone, understanding the process, potential fees, and your options is important to a smooth exit with no stress.

How To Cancel Vodafone Plans – The Right Way

Vodafone offers several ways to cancel, each with its own steps, let’s get into these steps and how you can easily cancel Vodafone plans.

  • Online: Vodafone’s website allows you to initiate cancellation through their website. This can be the most convenient, but may have limitations for complex situations. You will need to speak to their online chat to cancel, via the website or app.
  • Phone: If you are using a Vodafone service, you can call 1555. Calling their customer service line (1300 650 410) provides a direct method for those who aren’t using a Vodafone service to cancel. For those overseas, you can call 61 426 320 000. Be prepared for potential wait times and attempts to retain you as a customer.
  • In-Store: Visiting a physical Vodafone store might be necessary for complex cancellations or if you need to return equipment in person.

Now, it’s incredibly important to understand what your needs are, if you just want to cancel your services and have no intention on using the number of home Internet, then proceed with the steps above.

For those wanting to change providers and keep your number or maintain internet service, do not cancel.

You will need these services active to smoothly go to a different provider.

We’ve put together a guide on How To Switch Providers that will explain this in more details.

Essentially you will need to confirm any potential exit fees to avoid bill shocks as well as any outstanding balances.

Once you’ve confirmed this, take your account number to another provider, select a plan and provide them the information to port your service.

Surprisingly, Vodafone charge people $8 to switch providers which is a bit much.

Expect Retention Offers

how to cancel vodafone plan

Be prepared for Vodafone to try and convince you to stay. Retention offers can include discounts or temporary upgrades.

If you have already firmly decided to leave, politely but firmly decline these offers to avoid prolonging the cancellation process.

Typically, retention offers are not worth your time, and you’re better off exploring the offers in the market.

Cancel Vodafone Plans – Document Everything

  • Note the Date and Time: Keep a record of when you canceled, including the name of any customer service representative you spoke with.
  • Request Confirmation: Ask for written confirmation (email or otherwise) that your cancellation has been processed and the effective termination date.
  • Save Contract Terms: Having a copy of your original contract is always wise, should any dispute regarding fees or termination date arise.

What I recommend you do, is email yourself with what you’ve done in terms of cancelling, as if the provider do mess up somehow, you have proof of everything that has occured.

Beyond the Standard Cancellation: Special Circumstances

Sometimes when cancelling, it may be due to special circumstances and Vodafone have specific policies that may help their customers.

Moving Overseas

Relocating outside of Australia presents unique challenges when it comes to your Vodafone contract.

You shouldn’t assume you’re automatically locked into paying for unused services indefinitely. Contact Vodafone well in advance of your move to explore these specific options:

  • Early Termination: Some contract terms might allow for early termination due to international relocation. While there may still be fees involved, they could be significantly less than the cost of paying out the entire remaining contract duration.
  • Temporary Suspension: If your move is planned as temporary, Vodafone might provide the option to suspend your service for a designated period. This essentially “pauses” your contract, preventing charges while you’re abroad, with the understanding you’ll reactivate upon returning to Australia.
  • International Roaming: This is generally the least ideal option due to the high costs associated with international roaming on an ongoing basis. It may be a short-term solution, but it’s rarely a sustainable one.

Deceased Estate

The sensitive situation of cancelling services belonging to a deceased loved one requires a different approach.

Vodafone usually has dedicated procedures to guide you through this process. Reaching out to their customer service directly is essential, and they may require the following:

  • Proof of Death: A copy of the death certificate will likely be needed to initiate the cancellation process.
  • Executor Status: If you are the executor of the estate, documentation proving your legal authority to handle the deceased individual’s affairs might be required.
  • Account Information: Have the deceased person’s account number and any relevant contract information easily accessible when you contact Vodafone.

Financial Hardship Provisions

Unexpected financial hardships, such as job loss or significant medical expenses, can sometimes provide grounds for compassionate termination of a Vodafone contract.

While not guaranteed, it’s crucial to contact Vodafone and explain your situation.

  • Documentation is Key: You’ll likely need to provide evidence of the financial hardship (e.g., job termination letter, medical bills), so gather this documentation beforehand.
  • Negotiate: Even if a full fee waiver isn’t possible, Vodafone might offer reduced termination fees, a temporary payment freeze, or alternative solutions tailored to your circumstances.
  • Proactive Communication: Don’t wait until unpaid bills pile up. The sooner you contact Vodafone to explain your hardship, the better your chances of finding a workable solution.


Cancelling Vodafone services doesn’t have to be a nightmare. By understanding your contract, being prepared, and knowing your rights, you can ensure a smooth and financially responsible exit from their services.


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