Telstra Internet Optimiser – Total Control Of Your Home Internet

Telstra Internet Optimiser

In today’s world of endless streaming, crucial video conferences, and competitive online gaming, a sluggish internet connection is beyond frustrating.

That’s where Telstra Internet Optimiser comes to the rescue! This powerful (and completely free) tool gives you the keys to command your home network.

What Exactly Does Telstra Internet Optimiser Do?

The best way to think of the Internet Optimiser is as your Wi-Fi’s own personal traffic cop. It let’s you prioritize the online activities that matter most, whether it’s a big work call or a nail-biting gaming tournament.

Personally, when I had Telstra Internet, this was a huge win for me, as when playing online with my mates, I could make sure I didn’t suffer lag whilst my friends were streaming in the other room.

In summary, it allows you to prioritize traffic, gain insights into your connection and take more control of your home internet connection.

Why It’s A Great Choice For Families

Within a multi-user environment, Telstra Internet Optimiser offers a significant improvement to internet traffic management.

You can prioritize bandwidth allocation for applications like streaming services, ensuring smooth playback without interruptions.

Gamers can benefit from minimized lag by dedicating bandwidth to their devices, optimizing responsiveness during online gameplay.

Telstra Internet Optimiser also caters to professional needs by facilitating clear video conferencing experiences. Additionally, the program provides parental control features, promoting responsible digital habits within a household.

How To Use Internet Optimiser

Telstra Internet Optimiser puts user-friendliness first. Control everything from a simple dashboard or the My Telstra app – no tech genius status required.

You can access the Internet Optimiser via your desktop or mobile app, I’ll show you a screenshot of the dashboard’s from Telstra’s official guide.

Telstra Internet Optimiser

How Much Is Telstra Internet Optimiser?

The incredible thing is, the Internet Optimiser is eligible with home internet plans at no extra cost. It’s their way of showing they care about delivering an awesome online experience for their customers.

How to Get Started

  1. Check Eligibility: Most Telstra NBN plans and Smart Modems are compatible. Visit the Telstra website or call them to confirm.
  2. Activate: Add Internet Optimiser to your plan through My Telstra. Activation is a breeze.
  3. Take Control: Log in to the dashboard and start playing around! The interface is simple and intuitive.

Once you’ve done steps 1 and 2, allow a small amount of time for your service to update, if the Optimiser is not working after activation.


If you’re a Telstra customer, take advantage of Internet Optimiser. It’s a fantastic way to ensure everyone in your household has a fast and dependable internet connection when they need it most.

The best part is obviously it’s free, and yet again shows Telstra’s commitment to providing immense value on their plans.


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