Telstra Satellite Internet, Powered By Starlink

telstra satellite internet

Telstra is shaking things up for people in the outback with their new Satellite Internet service. They’ve teamed up with Starlink, a big name in satellite tech, to bring high-speed, low-latency internet to even the most remote areas.

This is a game-changer for folks who have been stuck with slow, unreliable connections (or none at all).

Forget Laggy Satellite Internet – Telstra’s Got You Covered

telstra satellite internet

Satellite internet? Yeah, that used to mean slow speeds and waiting forever for things to load. But Telstra’s throwing out the old rulebook with their Satellite Internet powered by Starlink.

Here’s the thing, Starlink uses a bunch of satellites in a special orbit way closer to Earth. This means no more waiting ages for your emails to download or video calls freezing mid-sentence.

It’s actually fast and responsive, opening up a whole new world of what you can do online, no matter where you live. It’s also a great alternative to Satellite NBN.

We wrote this on NBN vs Starlink as NBN Fibre is still the more cost-effective option, but for rural customers, this is a terrific offer!

Experience the Difference: What Telstra Satellite Internet Offers

Telstra Satellite Internet changes everything for folks in remote areas. Forget about watching videos buffer for ages or glitchy video calls – now you can stream movies in HD, game online without lag, and make crystal-clear video calls.

And with Telstra, it’s not just about the tech. They make it easy, with a kit that includes everything you need – the Starlink bits, like their great Telstra Smart Modem 3.

Got a question? Their Aussie-based support team has your back. And if you’re a Telstra Plus member, you get access to extra rewards and limited-time deals on things like Spotify Premium or BINGE trials.

Best part? You can install the whole system yourself! Telstra has clear instructions, so you won’t be waiting around for a technician.

Just make sure your Starlink dish has a clear view of the sky – they even sell mounts and accessories to help with that.


To conclude, this advancement is great for regional customers who can finally get a home internet service that offers fast and reliable speed.

Telstra Satellite Home Internet Plans offer typical evening speeds of 50mbps and 10mbps upload, at $125 per month. This will be a normal service that attaches to your regular bill.

I highly advise you to check out the service, if you live in regional Australia.


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