How To Check Your Vodafone Balance In 2024

Vodafone Balance 2024

Okay Vodafone users, here is an easy one for you! In this article, we’ll be giving you mobile insights so you can learn how to easily check your Vodafone balance.

Vodafone provides prepaid SIM-only services on its own 4G & 5G networks nationwide. Vodafone prepaid offerings include Combo Plus plans, packed with data and international minutes.

Their Combo Plus Starter Pack offers you 30GB of mobile data, while the 365 Plus plan lasts up to 365 days. Once you’ve chosen the most suitable pre-paid service, you can activate your SIM online.

The easiest ways to recharge your SIM are through Express Recharge or My Vodafone.

How to Check Your Vodafone Balance

You can check your Vodafone prepaid balance in several ways:

  • My Vodafone: Log into your account and find the balance on your dashboard.
  • Call: Dial 1512 for an automated balance announcement.
  • Text: Send ‘BAL’ to 1512 to receive a text message with your balance.

The Best Way to Check Your Vodafone Balance: Use the Self-Service App

Like many other phone companies, Vodafone offers a free and downloadable self-service app known as ‘My Vodafone’.

The video above is for UK customers, however same concept for Australian users.

Vodafone customers can use this app to manage their Vodafone customer account. You can track your bills, check your data usage and balance, and get answers to simple questions you might have.

It takes only a few seconds to install the app. Once installed, Vodafone will recognize you through your phone number – so no login credentials are needed.

Benefits of Using Vodafone Self-Service App

vodafone balance check

Vodafone’s self-service app offers many convenient features to make managing your credit easier.

You can download these apps via the app stores:

Track Your Balance and Other Information Easily

Once you log in to the app, you will see an intuitive dashboard on your phone screen that displays all your basic information, including your prepaid Vodafone balance and data usage.

In addition, visuals and graphs let you track your data-using habits so that you can manage accordingly.

Keeps You Updated

Using the ‘My Vodafone’ self-service app, you can update your profile with Vodafone. You can also update details by logging onto the official website of Vodafone, but that is time-consuming and a lengthy process.

While using the app, you can update your profile in seconds with a single tap.

Easy to Manage Functions as per Your Preference

Vodafone’s ‘My Vodafone’ app is packed with features that you can turn on and off as you need. You can do the following using the app:

  • Check your call, text, and data usage
  • Recharge your prepaid service
  • Purchase data and international call add-ons
  • Pay your bill
  • View recent bills and payments
  • Turn your international roaming on or off
  • Manage your customer profile with Vodafone
  • Manage your payment information

Tracks Usage

With the app’s tracking system, you can easily figure out your data and call usage over a specific period. You can track how much data you often use each day and identify usage patterns to help you use your data economically.


Prepaid phones provide an easy way to stay flexible and manage your costs. Vodafone’s self-service app is the best option to check your Vodafone balance in Australia.

It also has other great features that make life easier for Vodafone customers. If you have a Vodafone pre-paid plan, make sure you have the self-service app installed, and take charge of your phone account – the easy way.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can change your prepaid plan through the My Vodafone App

Ensure you change your plan prior to recharging. If you do so after recharging, you will lose that recharge as part of the plan change.

Yes, 5G is available on Vodafone Prepaid Plans.

You can contact Vodafone via the live chat or simply call.


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