Everyday Mobile By Woolworths – Worth the Change?

Everyday Mobile

Woolworths Everday Mobile has has seen an increased popularity in the Australian telco market, particularly for customer seeking good value and convenience from their mobile service.

As a virtual network operator(MVNO), Woolworths leverages the expansive Telstra 4G network to deliver excellent coverage that reaches 98.8% of the population.

Their range of plans cater to varied data needs and budgets, with long expiry options appealing to those looking to manage their bills yearly.

Everyday Mobile

Consumer reception towards Woolworths Mobile’s offerings is mixed, with plan revisions occasionally sparking debate on value. 

Recent changes to Woolworths Mobile plans have seen price increases, which have been met with dissatisfaction by some users.

However, these adjustments also came with increments in data allowances, presenting a dual-sided effect on customer perception of Woolworths Mobile’s worth.

Potential customers must weigh several factors when considering a switch to Woolworths Mobile. The network’s long expiry plans, such as the 365-day variants, which offer sizable data quotas over extended periods, are a significant draw.

In contrast, changes in plan pricing and structure exemplify a dynamic mobile market where value is continually being reassessed.

The question remains for consumers: Does Woolworths Mobile present a compelling enough case for change?

Woolworths Mobile Overview

Everyday Mobile

Woolworths Mobile, now known as Everyday Mobile, is positioned as a competitive player in Australia’s telecommunications market, leveraging the extensive Telstra network to provide a wide range of mobile plans.

Market Position and MVNO Model

Woolworths Mobile operates as a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO). This means it doesn’t own the network infrastructure but instead utilizes the established network of a larger provider – in this case, Telstra.

This partnership allows Woolworths Mobile to offer reliable network coverage across 4G and 5G, reaching a vast number of customers.

Partnership with Telstra

The alliance with Telstra empowers Woolworths Mobile to provide extensive network coverage that competitors struggle to match.

Customers enjoy the benefits of Telstra’s 4G, and 5G infrastructure, which boasts one of the largest coverages in Australia.

Range of Mobile Plans

Woolworths Mobile offers a spectrum of mobile plans to cater to various user needs, including SIM-only plans, prepaid plans, and postpaid plans.

They provide flexibility and value, such as the option to save on groceries. Moreover, Woolworths Mobile includes a selection of devices, such as the latest Samsung Galaxy, with their plan options.

The easy switch between prepaid and postpaid offerings underscores Woolworths Mobile’s commitment to customer convenience and satisfaction.

Plan Options and Features

Everyday Mobile offers a range of options designed to meet different needs, whether customers are looking for simplicity and flexibility or more comprehensive plans with bonuses.

Below is a detailed look at their prepaid and postpaid plans, data banking features, as well as the overall value proposition they present to their audience.

Prepaid vs Postpaid

Everyday Mobile Prepaid plans start at an attractive price point and offer the freedom of no contracts, with the convenience of topping up as needed. 

Prepaid SIMs are available, providing flexibility for those who prefer to control their monthly spending.

Conversely, the postpaid plans include SIM-only options that bring the advantage of predictable billing and, in certain plans, access to the faster 5G network capabilities.

Data Banking and Extras

One of the compelling features of Woolworths Mobile is its data bank offering, allowing customers to save unused data for future use.

Moreover, data gifting among family and friends on the same network is available, making it a versatile choice for group plans.

Woolworths also brings additional benefits to the table, such as Everyday Rewards bonuses that integrate savings on groceries with their mobile services.

Pricing and Value Proposition

For value-conscious consumers, Everyday Mobile provides a competitive value for money, with postpaid plans offering unlimited calls and texts starting at around $40 per month, elevating customer satisfaction levels.

Furthermore, they frequently offer long-expiry prepaid plans, which can potentially lead to greater savings.

Comparatively, their prices position them as an appealing alternative to larger mobile operators, to deliver a balance between cost and features without compromising on the essentials such as a reliable mobile phone network and decent data allowances.


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