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Welcome back readers, In today’s article, we’ll be delving into some insights on unlocking your Optus mobile device.

To unlock your prepaid Optus mobile phone or broadband device, text “MENU” to 9999 and follow the prompts. If you encounter any problems, contact Optus customer support.

Unlocking iPhones from the Optus network requires visiting a dedicated support page.

Unlock Optus Phone

Important Considerations

  • Only Optus-sold devices locked to the Optus network qualify for unlocking by Optus.
  • Compatibility with other carriers isn’t guaranteed.
  • Unlocking can take up to 10 business days when manufacturer codes are necessary.

Before Initiating the Process

Ensure you have the following information ready:

  • Your device’s manual or the manufacturer’s website for unlocking instructions.
  • Your intended carrier’s network specifications for compatibility.
  • Your device’s IMEI number (dial *#06#).

Unlocking Fees for Prepaid Devices

  • Active service with a recharge history of at least $80: No fee.
  • Active service for less than 6 months: $80 fee.
  • Active service for more than 6 months: $25 fee.

Unlocking Fees for Postpaid Devices

Postpaid devices purchased through Optus plans incur no unlocking fees.

The Unlocking Process

  1. Optus will provide your unlock code instantly during the process.
  2. Insert a non-Optus SIM card and power on your device.
  3. The phone should prompt you for the unlock code. Enter the code and press OK.

Need Help?

Instructions differ by device model. Contact the manufacturer or Optus support for assistance.


Q: Can Optus unlock any mobile device? A: No, Optus can only unlock devices that they originally sold and that are locked to their network.

Q: Are unlocked Optus phones compatible with all networks? A: Compatibility isn’t guaranteed. Check your intended carrier’s network requirements before unlocking.

Q: How long does it take to unlock an Optus phone? A: In most cases, it’s immediate. Obtaining codes from manufacturers can add up to 10 business days.

Unlock Optus Phone – Video Guide

When it comes to using your mobile phone with different networks, it’s crucial to understand the implications of network locking, and specifically, what it means if your phone is locked to the Optus network.

Contacting Optus for the Unlock Code

Once you have your IMEI number, get in touch with Optus to request your unlock code. You can do this by:

Be aware that unlocking your Optus phone may incur an unlocking fee, depending on the terms of your service agreement.

Completing the Unlock Process

After obtaining the unlock code:

  1. Insert a non-Optus SIM card into your device.
  2. Power on the device. It should prompt for the unlock code.
  3. Enter the code provided by Optus.

For mobile broadband devices, the process can vary slightly so refer to the manufacturer’s instructions for your specific device.


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