Optus Launches ADSL2+ Services, Offers Wholesale Access

Optus ADSL2+

On this day, Optus launched ADSL2+ which yet again signified their intentions to be extremely competitive in the Australian telco market with such exciting news.

Optus Direct: Consumer Broadband with Speed and Savings

Optus now provides consumer broadband services powered by its own DSLAM network. This service, called Optus Direct, delivers speeds of up to 20Mbps.

Customers who bundle Optus Direct with their telephony services enjoy additional savings. Optus Direct is currently available from Optus DSLAMs located in 100 Telstra exchanges.

Optus has seamlessly migrated existing broadband and telephony customers to this network since December 2005.

Optus Wholesale DSL in Development

Optus is actively testing wholesale DSL services on its network and anticipates commercial availability in the latter half of 2006. This move stands in contrast to Telstra, which does not intend to offer wholesale access to its ADSL2+ network.

Optus Local Direct: Competitive Telephony Pricing

Optus Local Direct provides customers with a reduced local call rate of only 20 cents, compared to the previous standard of 22 cents. Additionally, depending on the customer’s existing plan, they may be eligible for a $4 monthly reduction in line rental fees.

Migration Details for Existing Customers

Optus will maintain existing home telephony customers on their current plans but may apply minor modifications depending on the specific plan. Similarly, Optus DSL customers will retain their current broadband plans upon migration to Optus DSL Direct.

Optus Easy Start: Affordable Entry-Level Broadband

Optus has introduced a new entry-level broadband offering called Optus Easy Start. Available for $19.95 per month, this plan is particularly attractive to customers who bundle with Optus home telephony or Optus mobile.

The package includes 100MB of data usage allowance and 200MB of off-peak data. The offer runs until May 31, 2006. Customers signing up for the $19.95 plan on a 24-month contract qualify for no connection fees. Should a modem be necessary, Optus provides an ADSL2+ modem for $99.


Q: Is there a speed difference between Optus Direct and previous services? A: Yes, Optus Direct boasts speeds of up to 20Mbps, signifying a potential improvement over earlier services.

Q: Does Optus provide modems for new customers? A: Yes, Optus offers an ADSL2+ modem for $99.

Q: Will my existing plan change when I switch to Optus Direct? A: Existing plans for home telephony and Optus DSL will largely remain unchanged, with potential minor adjustments depending on your specific plan.


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