Iconic Landmark Reborn: Telstra Tower Redevelopment to Elevate Canberra Tourism

Telstra Tower

In an exciting move for Canberra’s iconic skyline, Telstra and the ACT Government have announced plans to redevelop the Telstra Tower.

Closed in 2021 due to structural and safety concerns, the landmark is set to undergo a major transformation to restore its status as a top tourist attraction.

A Historic Closure

The Telstra Tower, a symbol of Canberra since its opening in 1980, was forced to shut its doors in 2021.

The closure came after a thorough safety inspection revealed significant structural issues that posed risks to visitors and staff.

Locals had been vocal about the need for a Telstra Tower makeover, even taking to social media to share some less-than-flattering photos of the iconic landmark.

The decision to close was not taken lightly, considering the tower’s importance as a cultural and historical icon.

Key Features of the Redevelopment

Telstra Tower ACT
Artist Impression  (Source: Architectus)

The Telstra-ACT Government partnership is set to revitalize the Telstra Tower, addressing much-needed structural improvements and introducing exciting new features to enhance visitor experience.

One of the most anticipated additions is a series of cafes and restaurants that will offer panoramic views of Canberra.

These dining options will provide a unique culinary experience, allowing visitors to enjoy a meal while taking in the breathtaking scenery from one of the highest points in the city.

In addition to the food and beverage options, the redevelopment will celebrate local culture and history, not to mention, experience the fast Telstra network.

The new design will incorporate exhibits and interactive displays that tell the story of Canberra and its people.

This focus on local heritage is expected to attract both tourists and residents, fostering a deeper connection with the region’s rich history.

A Boost for Tourism and Local Economy

The reopening of Telstra Tower is set to provide a significant boost to Canberra’s tourism industry.

By creating a modern, engaging space that highlights local culture, the tower aims to attract a wide range of visitors.

The redevelopment is also expected to create new jobs and stimulate economic growth in the area, benefiting the local community.

It’s great to see the ACT Government and Telstra, work together for the once proud landmark, that many Aussies used to love.


The Telstra Tower’s redevelopment is a prime example of how public-private partnerships can revitalize iconic landmarks.

With Telstra and the ACT Government joining forces, the tower is not just being repaired, but reimagined for a new generation.

It will be great to see, the stunning views and the local excitement this redevelopment will bring to the community.


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