Apple iPhone 11 128 GB Review: Worth Your Money?

iPhone 11 128 GB

Ever since we got our hands on the Apple iPhone 11, there’s been a lot to talk about. The sleek black finish of the 128GB model gives it a classic, sophisticated look that stands out.

Its 6.1-inch Liquid Retina HD display brings visuals to life, whether you’re watching videos or playing games.

As someone who loves to capture moments, the dual-camera system with its 12MP Ultra Wide and Wide cameras doesn’t disappoint.

The Night mode and Portrait mode have added a whole new dimension to our snapshots. And for selfie enthusiasts, the 12MP TrueDepth front camera with its array of functions shines through.

What’s more, its A13 Bionic chip ensures everything runs incredibly smoothly, and with iOS 15, the iPhone 11 feels more capable than ever.

Apple iPhone 11 Black

Despite all these robust features, some may find the absence of a charger and headphones in the box a bit inconvenient.

Additionally, the iPhone 11 does support fast charging, but you’ll need to invest in a separate 20W adapter to take advantage of this feature. In this device review, we’ll go into the tech and specs of the iPhone 11.

Worth The Price?

We believe the iPhone 11 128 GB offers excellent value, with its combination of performance, camera quality, and overall user experience.

It’s a solid choice for those upgrading from an older model or new users joining the Apple ecosystem.

Ready to make the switch or upgrade? Visit the links below for outright purchase or check if your provider offers the device on a mobile plan.

Size and WeightWidth: 2.98 inches (75.7 mm), Height: 5.94 inches (150.9 mm), Depth: 0.33 inch (8.3 mm)
Display6.1-inch (diagonal) Liquid Retina HD display
ProcessorA13 Bionic chip with third-generation Neural Engine
Rear CameraDual 12MP Ultra Wide and Wide cameras
Front Camera12MP camera
Video Recording4K video recording at 24 fps, 30 fps, or 60 fps
Battery LifeUp to 17 hours of video playback
SIM CardDual SIM (nano-SIM and eSIM)
Water and Dust ResistanceRated IP68 (maximum depth of 2 meters up to 30 minutes) under IEC standard 60529
Audio PlaybackSpatial Audio, Dolby Atmos

This table includes key features that are often of interest to consumers considering purchasing the iPhone 11 with 128GB of storage.

For more detailed specifications, you can visit Apple’s official iPhone 11 – Technical Specifications page.

Overview of the Apple iPhone 11 (128GB) – Black

Our time with the iPhone 11 in its sleek black color has been quite revealing. With a sturdy build that can withstand water and dust, we’re looking at a device that handles the elements with ease.

We appreciated the dual-camera system, especially the Ultra Wide lens, which gave us stunning shots, even in low light with the Night mode. The 4K video capability certainly didn’t disappoint either.

Although the iPhone 11 doesn’t ship with a wall adapter for fast charging, we could still get to a 50% charge in a quick span with the right adapter.

The all-day battery life was reliable and got us through our days with moderate use.

The Liquid Retina display provided vibrant visual experiences whether we were streaming movies or just scrolling through our photos.

The A13 Bionic chip powered through tasks efficiently; we noticed minimal lag. Of course, this came along with the seamless security of Face ID and the convenience of Apple Pay.

Being unlocked for all carriers offers the kind of flexibility we always appreciate.

With iOS 15, our iPhone felt updated with fresh features, enhancing user experience without over-complicating things – although, for some of us, the learning curve on the new system took a moment.

Overall, the iPhone 11 strikes a good balance between premium features and price, making it a tempting choice for those who want quality without breaking the bank.

That said, we did feel the absence of certain accessories in the box, which could be a minor inconvenience. Despite small setbacks, it’s a solid phone that gets the essentials right.

Liquid Retina HD LCD Display

When we examined the screen on this device, what immediately caught our attention was the brightness and color accuracy.

The 6.1-inch Liquid Retina HD display boasts IPS technology, ensuring vivid visuals from various viewing angles, which is a huge plus if you like sharing your screen with friends.

During our daily use, whether we were scrolling through social media, watching videos, or playing games, the display’s responsiveness and fluid motion stood out.

However, it’s important to note that the LCD panel, while delivering good quality, doesn’t quite match the deep blacks and contrast ratio of OLED displays found in some newer smartphones.

This was noticeable in darker scenes when watching movies, where the blacks weren’t as deep as we’ve seen on OLED screens.

That said, for most users, the display is more than satisfactory and you’d likely appreciate the display’s true-to-life colors in photo viewing and daily tasks.

Overall, while the screen may not lead the pack with the most cutting-edge display technology, it offers a balanced and enjoyable viewing experience that will meet the needs of everyday users.

Camera Capabilities

Having recently had the opportunity to test the iPhone 11’s photography prowess, we’re eager to share our findings.

The dual 12MP cameras, featuring both ultra-wide and Wide lenses, offer a versatile shooting experience suitable for just about any scene you might encounter.

We found the Portrait mode to be especially adept at capturing stunning shots with that sought-after professional bokeh effect, and the Smart HDR delivered well-balanced exposures with excellent detail in both light and shadow.

Another feature we admired is the Night mode, which is a game-changer for low-light photography. No longer do you need to struggle with underexposed, noisy images when the lighting isn’t ideal.

In our use, it has repeatedly proven its worth, pulling out colors and details from near darkness.

As for video, shooting in 4K at 60 fps results in some spectacularly sharp and smooth footage. The extended dynamic range also retains more detail in highlights and shadows, making your videos feel more true-to-life.

And let’s not overlook the front camera: The 12MP TrueDepth also captures great selfies and works wonderfully for video calls, maintaining clarity and detail even in varied lighting.

Through our lens, the iPhone 11’s camera system stands out as both powerful and user-friendly, though we’d be remiss not to mention that it may not cater to the needs of professional photographers looking for more granular control and raw capture options.

However, for the everyday user, these cameras deliver a combination of convenience and quality that’s hard to beat.

Performance and Power

iPhone 11 128 GB

When we got our hands on the iPhone 11 128 GB, we were eager to see how it stood up to everyday demands.

Apple’s A13 Bionic chip with its third-generation Neural Engine promised snappy performance, and it didn’t disappoint.

Apps launched quickly, and multitasking was a breeze—even with several apps running, there was no noticeable lag.

Battery life was another highlight. Our usage varied from streaming videos to scrolling through social media, yet it consistently delivered up to 17 hours of video playback, which is impressive.

Even on days when we were out and about, heavy usage barely put a dent in the battery life; we seldom felt the need to reach for a charger midday.

However, it’s worth noting that the fast-charge capability requires an additional purchase, as only a Lightning to USB cable is included.

But once you have the right adapter, getting to a 50% charge in around 30 minutes is quite convenient.

Navigating the iPhone 11 felt fluid, thanks to iOS 15, which enhances the overall user experience with new features.

Facial recognition via Face ID worked flawlessly for secure authentication, even in dim lighting situations.

In terms of wireless power, the inclusion of wireless charging allowed us to set it down for a power boost at our desks without the fuss of cables.

Overall, the balance between performance and power management in the iPhone 11 is well-executed, offering a compelling blend of efficiency and endurance.

Durability and Resistance

Having put the iPhone 11 128 GB through its paces, we’ve observed that its resilience to daily wear and tear holds up well.

Apple designed this device with durability in mind, which is evident in the solid construction and choice of materials.

The front and back glass, although not impervious to all damage, resists scratches better than many competitors.

The device’s water and dust resistance, rated at IP68, means it can withstand submersion in up to 2 meters of water for 30 minutes without suffering any harm.

Despite this robustness, we advise against testing these limits too frequently, as the water resistance can decrease over time from normal wear.

In terms of drop resistance, while the iPhone 11 isn’t indestructible, it takes a casual drop from pocket height with grace. It’s tough, but like any piece of technology, a protective case can go a long way in extending its life.

Overall, the iPhone 11 balances a sleek design with the hardiness you’d expect from a premium smartphone.

iOS 15

Having spent some time with the iPhone 11 running the latest iOS 15, we found several enhancements that elevate the overall user experience.

The update introduces more ways to stay connected, powerful new privacy features, and redesigned notifications that are both attractive and practical.

We appreciated the Focus feature that filters notifications and apps based on what we wish to concentrate on at a given time.

This level of personalization is a significant step forward from previous iterations.

Live Text is another addition we can’t overlook; it allows us to interact with text in photos in entirely new ways, making tasks like capturing a quick phone number from a poster both quick and seamless.

However, it must be noted that while iOS 15 brings many new functionalities, not every feature operates flawlessly at times, which can be a slight drawback.

Certain features demand a learning curve, and others could feel more polished. Despite these small issues, the iPhone 11 breathes new life with iOS 15, providing us with a more tailored and privacy-conscious experience.

This update cements our belief in the ongoing value of the device, particularly for those who rely on their phones to adapt to their busy, multifaceted lifestyles.

Pros and Cons

Having spent quality time with the iPhone 11 128 GB in Black, we’re ready to share our balanced viewpoint. This model, while not the latest in the lineup, still holds up as a strong contender in the smartphone market.


  • Display Quality: The 6.1-inch Liquid Retina HD LCD display on the iPhone 11 provides vivid and crisp visuals, making media consumption a joy.
  • Durability: It boasts solid water and dust resistance, rated IP68, so we’re less anxious about accidental spills or submersions up to 2 meters for 30 minutes.
  • Camera System: The dual 12MP cameras, including Ultra Wide and Wide lenses, are stellar for photography enthusiasts. Features like Night mode and Portrait mode enhance shots beautifully, and the 4K video capability is impressive.
  • Face ID: Security feels top-notch with Face ID for secure authentication, making access to the phone both quick and safe.
  • Performance: The A13 Bionic chip ensures smooth performance even with demanding apps, showing no signs of lag in our experience.
  • Charging Options: We appreciate the flexibility of fast charging and wireless charging, reducing clutter and keeping us connected throughout the day.


  • Charger Inclusion: The iPhone 11 comes with a charger, but the lack of a wall plug can be a minor inconvenience requiring a separate purchase.
  • iOS Updates: While iOS 15 brings new features, future software updates on older models might not be as comprehensive when compared to the newer iPhones.
  • No 5G: At this stage, the absence of 5G support might be a letdown for those wanting the fastest internet speeds available.

Our hands-on experience shows that while the iPhone 11 does lack some of the latest tech advancements, its proven performance and resilience make it a solid, reliable choice.

It manages to strike a balance between cost and features, catering to a wide range of users looking for quality without breaking the bank.

iPhone 11 Cases

The iPhone 11 Pro offers a variety of cases to suit different preferences and needs. For those who value convenience, an iPhone 11 Pro case with a card holder is ideal, featuring slots for credit cards and IDs, and often doubling as a stand for hands-free viewing.

For the adventure-seekers, a LifeProof case for the iPhone 11 Pro provides robust protection against the elements and accidental drops.

Those looking for a blend of style and utility might opt for iPhone 11 cases with straps, which offer both security and the convenience of carrying their device hands-free.

Lastly, the iPhone 11 Pro leather case adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to the device, crafted from high-quality materials for a premium look and feel.

Each of these cases not only protects your iPhone 11 Pro but also adds functionality and style to your everyday carry.

Customer Reviews

Delving into the experiences of fellow consumers reveals a largely positive sentiment toward the iPhone 11 128GB in black. Many users express satisfaction with its aesthetic appeal and performance, praising it as a good value for the price.

There’s a sense of contentment among those who have gifted the phone, with recipients reportedly loving it.

Comments also highlight the reliability of the device over a year of usage without any system issues, underlining its dependability.

On the flip side, a minor inconvenience noted is the absence of a wall plug with the included charger. This has been an unexpected hiccup for some buyers, though the phone’s functionality is consistently praised.

Many users find the iPhone 11 easy to navigate and user-friendly. Recommendations to purchase this model are common, backed by positive endorsements about its price point and performance.

Generally, our impression is that users are happy with their purchase, enjoying the combination of affordability and Apple’s reputable functionality.


After spending considerable time with the iPhone 11 128 GB, we’ve found it strikes a fine balance of style and functionality.

Many users appreciate its sleek design and the value it offers at the price point. Our experience reflects a dependable device that excels in daily use – it’s no surprise it’s received high praise for reliability.

Though it arrives with a charger, the lack of a wall plug is a minor inconvenience that’s easy to overlook considering the overall quality and ease of use.

Customers who’ve made the purchase seem quite content, highlighting its effectiveness and recommending it to others.

For anyone in need of a solid phone that won’t disappoint, the iPhone 11 128 GB is a smart choice. It delivers what you need in a smartphone, ensuring that your investment is justified.

The satisfaction echoed by many users can give you confidence that this phone is likely to meet your expectations as well.


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