Can You Watch The Premier League In Australia Without Optus Sport?

Optus Sport Alternatives

So you live down under, and like many, you don’t have Optus Sport, so what are the actual alternatives for Australian users?

There are several methods; however, some may not be as convenient as Optus Sport. Just to remind you as well, Optus has the rights to the Premer League for the next 6 seasons until 2028.

So, if you’re ready to explore a world where the beautiful game doesn’t automatically break the bank, here’s your guide:

The VPN Game-Changer

Let’s get techy for a second. A VPN – that’s a Virtual Private Network if you’re not down with the lingo – essentially tricks the internet into thinking you’re chilling in another country.

Why does that matter? Plenty of international streaming services have Premier League rights. Grab a quality VPN (not one of those sketchy-free ones), mask your location as the UK or US, and boom!

You’ve got access to platforms in both countires, which often throw in Premier League coverage alongside tons of other goodies. Most people understand too, that providers outside of the UK actually offer better value.

Wait For The Highlights

If you’re not happy paying for the service, Optus does offer free match highlights on their Youtube channel for Australian customers.

They are typically quick to update and the editing is to a high standard most of the time. You can also use another platform in Australia, such as EPSN and other channels that will show you match highlights.

Get Optus Sport

I understand you’re here for alternatives but sometimes it may not be your best bet. Optus Sport does offer great coverage for just $24.99 per month. Ideally, you would only need this for the 9 months the Premier League is on.

If you have an eligible service and go through Sub Hub, you can get Optus Sport for as little as $6.99 which is an incredible price for access to all Premier & La Liga games.

The Fine Print Of Optus Sport Alternatives

Before you go ditching Optus in a celebratory frenzy, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Cost: VPNs and those international streaming services aren’t free. Do the math and check if it actually works out cheaper than your old Optus gig.
  • Reliability: Streaming from overseas can be finicky – buffering, lagging, you know the drill. No one wants a glitchy matchday experience.
  • Legality: This is the elephant in the room. Technically, some of these methods walk a fine line regarding regional agreements. I won’t preach morality but do your research to stay on the right side of things.

Wrap-Up – Optus Sport Alternatives

With that, you now understand the alternatives for Optus Sport, as mentioned, because they do have that 6-year deal, options are limited.

That said, it’s actually more beneficial for customers in Australia to only spend a max of $24.99 a month for full Premier League coverage.

If you lived in the UK, it would cost you $160.43 per month which is £82.99, so really we should be counting our blessings.


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