Telstra Unveils Progress in AI and Digital Transformation

Telstra AI

Telstra’s half-year results presentation today provided insights into their ongoing digital transformation, driven by significant investments in artificial intelligence (AI) technology.

Here are the key developments:

Reusable AI Products for the Future

Telstra is focusing on building reusable AI products as a core element of its digital strategy. The company highlighted success in its FY24 efforts to build APIs for Adaptive Networks, reporting completion of 76% of these AI building blocks.

Process Optimization Powered by AI

The company revealed a 50% improvement in key processes by leveraging AI technology, with a bold ambition to reach 100% improvement in the next fiscal year. This indicates Telstra’s potential to optimize and potentially streamline operations significantly.

‘Ask Telstra’ and Customer Focus

Telstra announced “Ask Telstra,” a new AI application created in partnership with Microsoft and powered by OpenAI. This product aligns with Telstra’s broader commitment to prioritize customer experience using innovative digital solutions.

Digital Ambition and Challenges

Despite these advancements, Telstra acknowledged a hurdle in their aim for a top 20 ranking in the Digital Capability Index. This suggests a need for even greater investment if they intend to reach this top-tier status.

Implications and Possibilities

The integration of AI for core process improvements demonstrates Telstra’s ability to streamline further workflows, which could have implications for their workforce management strategies.

While potential efficiency gains are on the horizon, Telstra also signaled a renewed emphasis on customer experience, which indicates the company’s efforts to balance streamlining with creating positive customer outcomes.


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